Deep Purple Lyrics

The Montreux Jazz Festival, Royal Albert Hall, Melbourne
Entertainment Centre, a Blizzard somewhere in the Alps,
Tokyo, Rio, Moscow’s Olympic Hall, Cape Town, Bangalore, La
Paz, Toronto and Kansas City.

What do they have in common? They are just a few of the
places where you could have seen a Deep Purple show over
the last couple of years. Simply reading the itineraries
gives you an idea of how this band operates on a truly
international level.

Deep Purple is not a conformist group. There never was, nor
ever will be, any fawning to More...

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Review about Deep Purple songs
Love Deep Purple | Reviewer: John Avinash
    ------ About the song Soldier of fortune performed by Deep Purple

Who can forget this Great Group. I love their music much better then LED Zep. This is a great song and sung so well. As you get into hearing this song, it gets you into your somber and thoughtful mood. They have many superb songs and certainly this is one of them.

lyrics | Reviewer: Chelsea
    ------ About the song Black Night performed by Deep Purple

In my opinion, the lyrics talk about a person who doesn't enjoy night life. He prefers the morning, he doesn't feel comfortable at night. I don't know...what do you think?
This song is so wonderful!! I love it!

Unmatched beauty & power. | Reviewer: Vinod Hegde , Mysore , India.
    ------ About the song Highway Star performed by Deep Purple

Must have heard this more than 100 times, but never got some of the words ,especially the high pitched ones. Thanks a lot for the upload. May god bless you. Wouldn't mind if this is the last song i listen just before my soul leaves my body !

25/07/2013 | Reviewer: carlos
    ------ About the song Smoke on the Water performed by Deep Purple

"Smoke on the water" is the best songs from Deep Purple, when I heard the lyrics of the song I thought, that good guitar riff, and did ask me, How did they?, then I read a document saying how they did. and I said, That crazy

They play tonight people in Montreux! | Reviewer: tom
    ------ About the song Smoke on the Water performed by Deep Purple

Deep Purple will play Montreux, Stravinsky tonight and will rock the stage with 'smoke on the water'. Its about when they came here in the 70's when the Casino burned to the ground. Funky Claude was the organiser but so sad he passed away only a few months back. RIP Claude, very sadly missed this year at the Montreux Jazz Festival, 2013.

to Rick | Reviewer: Dan
    ------ About the song Smoke on the Water performed by Deep Purple

It is correct..."some stupid with a flare gun"...and it is somewhat a famous person. He played drums at the time, I believe as a session drummer for their studio. You all may know him as "Cubby" from the Mousketeers on the Mickey Mouse club. He was never used as a session drummer again. ;)

I'll bet Deep Purple struggled mightily through their English essay class. | Reviewer: bill t
    ------ About the song Smoke on the Water performed by Deep Purple

Killer all time guitar riff. Great vocals as always... lyrics good refrain the rest of the lyrics are very poorly written. I'll bet Deep Purple struggled mightily through their English essays.

oh so right | Reviewer: Barbara
    ------ About the song Hold on performed by Deep Purple

I love there words and the whole song (and cd). For me this is one of the most erotic songs I know. Ritchie held back and the growing excitement correspond so well to create the atmosphere. Love it. Thanks.

Possibly wrong lyrics | Reviewer: Richard M
    ------ About the song Hush performed by Deep Purple

On the studio version, first line of the second verse, it sounds to me like "She's got love and I can't wait to see it", thought on live versions I hear "like quicksand" as it is posted here, so it's something that should be confirmed.

Love it | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Strange Kind of Woman performed by Deep Purple

Reminds me of this girl, "Jancy," who I loved but never gave it back. Deep Purple, Rad band. Everyone should check out the California jam tape of Rare earth, black sabbath, Emerson lake and Palmer too, deep purple lit the stage on fire, check it out!

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