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In the summer of 1993 a band called Swordmaster was formed
during a wild metal party in Gothenburg, Sweden. After the
usual line-up problems they signed a deal with Florida
based label Full Moon Productions and recorded their mini
album "Wraths Of Time" in the spring of 1995. In 1996 they
signed a new deal with the French label Osmose Productions.
In January 2000 the band played a show at Kafé 44 in
Stockholm together with Merciless where they gained
attention from the label LED Recordings (Hellacopters
a.o.), a label backed up by More...

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Submit Deathstars New Lyrics

Review about Deathstars songs
Aaaaahh! | Reviewer: Prakhs12
    ------ About the song Cyanide performed by Deathstars

DeathStars is a Industrial / Gloom Metal band.. This is a gloom metal song..
(For the ones who don't know about gloom metal ~ Simply take the meaning of gloom, i.e., extremly sad or horrifying. Now listen this song again noticing the vocals which will sound horrifying.. isi't it!)
So this is my favourite Gloom Metal song from Deathstars.. I luv their Metal and Blitzkrieg too.. Cuz' I luv industrial metal too :D

all falls down | Reviewer: ivanovic
    ------ About the song Termination Bliss performed by Deathstars

yo Mic check one can you listen to the sound,you build it all up the it all falls down, walking in circles you could say Ive been around, word to health ledger got permanent frown, used to call my-self the shit till i got dumped, now am needing somtheing to pull me out of this slump, used to roll shady then i got slimmed, call me anorexic, the opposite of binge, summat like a crya but game like wizzy, neva getting Es coz my test so easy, oh how it feels like to be young sleek jeezy, all my rims leave a taste on the tongue its cheesy... thank you big fan i could finish it but i have to ryt a new track.

The flow is incredible. | Reviewer: Scrax
    ------ About the song Blitzkrieg performed by Deathstars

The flow of Deathstars songs are incredible. Not only in this song, but all their songs. The way they manage to combine atmosphere and vocals are extreme. His voice gives me chills down my spine, and I am utterly loving it. Deathstars are, without a doubt, one (if not) the best bands in this genre.

Touching | Reviewer: Jim
    ------ About the song Termination Bliss performed by Deathstars

I must admit, this is a touching song.

The sound of the song itself is pretty sombre, but when you read the exact lyrics along with it - its almost heart wrenching; at least, for this style of song.

im jealous | Reviewer: Skye
    ------ About the song Blitzkrieg performed by Deathstars

the deathstars are one of my favorite bands i love their music so much! i am also an artist and these guys were one of my inspirations! im so jealous of their lyrics, they just flow together so well! ( not to mention they are all EXTREMELY gorgeous!)

yours truly,

Skye Screamer

Not Deathstars | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Morticians performed by Deathstars

Just so everyone knows Morticians is not a Deathstars Song....The songs name is Deathstars by a band named Morticians...Andreas Bergh Lead Vocals Deathstars was actually offended by the fact that people have associated his band with this 'Fantasy' song as he called it.

I don't know why but... | Reviewer: Cameron
    ------ About the song Cyanide performed by Deathstars

This song is the best out of all of their songs,I simply adore the lyrics; Blitzkrieg and Syndrome are also good, check those out.

This is a great band.

[They sort of remind me of Marilyn Manson in the beat and The 69 Eyes in the voice of the lead singer]

beastly | Reviewer: unnamed (i wus the orphan ffound living under a rok :p jk)
    ------ About the song Cyanide performed by Deathstars

i luv this song. its f ing beastly n this band is awesome. like shermmm said, listen 2 virtue to vice, blitzkrieg, etc. bt also listen 2 motherzone, new dead nation, greatest fight on earth, play god, and tongues.

Amazing song | Reviewer: Chrissy
    ------ About the song Blitzkrieg performed by Deathstars

I'd never heard of Deathstars before until my friend told me about this song - and now I'm completely addicted! The video is amazing and the song is so great and has a lovely beat to it. Love it so much! Go deathstar! <3

amazing | Reviewer: shermmm
    ------ About the song Cyanide performed by Deathstars

This band is awesome =]
If youve only just heard about them this is definately a song to listen to!
also check out virtue to vice, blitzkrieg,synthetic generation and our god the drugs haha (Y)

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