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1983 1984 Unquestionably one of the most important and
influential death metal acts to have ever emerged from the
North American continent, Florida's DEATH came together in
late 1983 when guitarist/vocalist Chuck Schuldiner and
guitarist Rick Rozz (real name: Frederick DeLillo) got
together with drummer/vocalist Barney "Kam" Lee to form
Mantas. Drawing musical inspiration from Venom and Slayer,
the trio (no bassist had yet entered the picture!) went
about composing original tunes and making very rough, crude
rehearsal recordings to More...

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Review about Death songs
Flawless | Reviewer: Follow me to nowhere
    ------ About the song Crystal Mountain performed by Death

No comments for this song?Faith lost in humanity.The song that defines death metal.An artist who was the most wonderful human being.Death's songs are so viciously addictive that many of them enter my mind with an outright refusal to exit for days.A true musician,rock in peace! Chuck!!

I love Chuck | Reviewer: Aniruddha
    ------ About the song Pull The Plug performed by Death

I love you, Chuck. Yer memories will always remain.Everyday I listen to yer music and I feel that it would have been so beautiful if you were still around, this is the most sentimental song for me at least, with the great great instruments. Death forever!

Song crusher | Reviewer: Sita frontalis
    ------ About the song Spirit Crusher performed by Death

No doubt that Death have many beauty riff song chorus that make me stuck at my bed specially this song crusher ha ha and chuck always be one of the man that hold the death power riff at his hand since Death was born. It told by such magazine that he want to develope another power band project for it before his death and after death took chuck breath this project was never be done.

Reminds | Reviewer: Creatrix
    ------ About the song Spirit Crusher performed by Death

Reminds me of old days, this strong was the only song in my mp3 that time, love the riffs, I use to play this all day long, still addicted to the whole album, Schuldiner was one of the most beautiful gem of metal, death metal is still alive, but it's getting poser day by day. And to all the hypocrites, I hate you all.

crystal mountain | Reviewer: simon
    ------ About the song Crystal Mountain performed by Death

Great track showing how far at that time Death had progressed from "Scream Bloody Gore". Do check out the previous album "Individual Thought Patterns" as it's my favourite album by them and every track is a winner.

the memories | Reviewer: jaime gonzalez
    ------ About the song Spirit Crusher performed by Death

by far one of the best metal albums of all time.....i remember i was 15 when this came out it blew my fucking mind....listening to it right now. they will never be another band as good as death chuck!!!

Ever sad... | Reviewer: Nikkolai
    ------ About the song Spirit Crusher performed by Death

I think it is quite sad that there are no comments on this song, but yet there are so many on the corporate crap we have out there right now. The riffs in this song really speak to me. God bless Chuck...

A Good Song | Reviewer: KRaNiuM
    ------ About the song The Flesh And The Power It Holds performed by Death

realmente un tema de puta madre, el intro es demoledor... AArrrGGGG, Death Rlzz!

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