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The Clash Death is a Star Lyrics

Last updated: 07/31/2014 07:22:58 AM

And I was gripped by that deadly phantom
I followed him through hard jungles
As he stalked through the back lots
Strangling through the night shades

The thief of life
Moved onwards and outwards to love

In a one stop only motel
A storm bangs on the cheapest room
The phantom slips in to spill blood
Even on the sweetest honeymoon

The killer of love
Caught the last late Niagara bus

By chance or escaping from misery
By suddenness or in answer to pain
Smoking in the dark cinema
You could see the bad go down again

And the clouds are high in Spanish mountains
And a Ford roars through the night full of rain.

The killer's blood flows
But he loads his gun again

Make a grown man cry like a girl
To see the guns dying at sunset

In vain lovers claimed
But they never had met

Smoking in a dark cinema
You could see the bad go down again

Thanks to Jak for submitting Death is a Star Lyrics.

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Chords | Reviewer: Pedro Miranda | 7/31/14

does anyone has the guitar chords for this song ? i searched trhoutgh the internet and could find it , im a beginner so im not able yet to discover by myself... apreciated... one love from brazil !

Cinimatic audio cinima | Reviewer: Phntm6620 | 8/4/12

I really enjoy this song ,the narration as the song is sung ,the piano in the background its almost as if you are truly in a dark smoke filled cinema watching an old black and white thriller.

So long, farewell | Reviewer: Rodney Fletcher | 5/30/12

The last ever Clash song from the band that really mattered. And if Joe had had his ears open to what was on offer , the Clash could have gone on to great, great things and be in the A list . . .

Cool Song | Reviewer: Ethan | 8/16/09

At first i really didnt much care for the song, but now i listen to it and i like it. I am a guitar play so when i listen to songs i sometimes neglect the lyrics... and this was no exception. It is the tune behind it i find neat, it sounds old and loungy but evilish, its a neat peice of music. But now i have looked at the lyrics and its even more interesting. Good song.

beautiful. | Reviewer: saleskee | 3/10/09

I love the beginning; the "I was gripped *Clicks fingers* by that deadly phantom." I believe it's about the fact that people escape their daily lives through movies and they don't mind seeing a little bit of death and destruction - it excites them.

intriguing inspiring and influential | Reviewer: Dominic Wales | 10/19/07

This song is unprecedented in its epic use of simple piano (keys) and guitar usage... It is Epic. In that I find it intriguing, inspiring, and influential.

moves me to tears | Reviewer: cementbug | 9/12/07

This is one of the most trajically beatiful songs ever written. The pain in Joe Strummers voice, the simple piano and guitar lines reach in and grip you. It is the essence of noir played out in aching strings.