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Atari Teenage Riot Death Star Lyrics

Last updated: 08/14/2001 03:46:10 AM

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I feel like a death star - Abused by control -
Grey - Without any emotions
Pull me into the right direction - And I will kill you!
I capture a thousand lives
I wait for instructions - I can't wait! I can't wait
Blow me away!

I only destroy to demonstrate my powers
Born to observe the confusion
Your fear is my freedom - And I eat you alive...

My mistakes are too complex for you to understand!
For you to fight...
My mistakes... My mistakes...
I bring the light! I bring the light! I bring the light!
No one survived my shadow - Ever!
When I need you - I start protecting you...
My love gives you life
A death star
I am your death star... I am your death star...

And you can't wait to blow me away!
Blow me away!
You can't wait - You can't wait - You can't wait
To blow me away... To blow me away...
A death star...

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