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Cold War Kids Dear Miss Lonelyhearts Lyrics

Last updated: 04/07/2013 12:28:33 PM

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Wonder why you don't April
Wonder why you hate the spring
Wonder why you don't April
Oh, why don't you say?

My old friend, he gets around
He does favors fully on down town
He didn't know it would be a set of cops around.
That was when we started fighting
That was when I moved out
That was just the beginning
Look at me now!

Oh, my poor woman
Water is for fish like air is for men
You can't fight against the law
Oh, good times never call
On you because the good times never call
When you're waiting by the phone
The good times never call on you unless you do it too
Unless you do it too!
Unless you do it too, oh!

I have given up, explaining sorrow!
Oh, I have given up on my hotel
I'm up here dancing like a martyr
But I have given up on casting spells
Oh, I have given!
Miss Lonelyhearts, Miss Lonelyhearts
Dear Miss Lonelyhearts

Miss Lonelyhearts, you've got to kill me
I have tried most everything
Show them my head any hard then
Show them drinking kerosene
Oh, I am giving!

Oh I am giving
Up, up, I got no one to call
Are you giving up Dear Miss Lonelyhearts
Are you giving up, got no one to call
Are you giving up Dear Miss Lonelyhearts

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