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Criminal with protection of the law!


States lies dressed up as evening news!
We're tired of lies we want the truth!
Broadcast by corpses courting you!
We're tired of lies we want the truth!
Most people they will never know!
We're tired of lies we want the truth!
With your or against you?
Then I am against you because you're a...

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Criminal with protection of the law


Criminal with protection of the law

In your corner
Makes me wanna oh
Douse myself in gasoline!
Civil servants fall in line for you
Too brainwashed to see the truth
You use anyone you can! woah oh, woah oh, woah oh


Criminal with protection of the law

Criminal with protection of the




Criminal with protection of the law! The law!
Criminal with protection of the law!

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Lol | Reviewer: Marc | 3/24/12

Just stop with arguing about what is punk and what is not punk, Green Day & Blink 182 have old punk songs in old albums. I agree they became worse, but they became older and shit. I love Anti - Flag, Rise Against, Ramones, Sex Pistols & more because they're Anarchist and make protest songs, but I don't care if they are punk or not punk. It's just that they make good music and make protest songs.

Punk! | Reviewer: Ben | 9/7/10

Jesus fucking christ, chill about the whole blink and green day not being punk, they both originated as punk bands, and like every single genre, punk evolved! Blink 182 took punk, and added shit that no one else sings about, I don't hear Miley Cyrus singing about dicks and pussies and boobies, so thats punk right there, Blink is singing about boobs, penises and shit they like, while getting loads of cash. Punks about saying no fuck you im gunna do what I wanna do, and Blink does just that, I'm sure multiple times along the line that they were asked to not sing about so much sexual shit, but they were like fuck that we are gunna say what we wanna say, and they did. So fuck you, you 70 punks that only stay with old school punk, expand a bit and appreciate the punk there is today, I mean what, are you gunna go a Justin Bieber concert, or Blink one eighty fucking two?
Anti Flags fucking awesome ass anti government punk!

Great Song! Great Lyrics! | Reviewer: Sophie Goodfellow | 7/9/10

Okay, punk is a clothes style based off of punk rock, which is a genre. Punk rock, like true punk rock, is about anarchy, revolution, and rebellion which emerged from Britain, often referred to as British punk. Bands that fall into this category are the Clash, the Sex Pistols, the Buzzcocks, etc... Pop-punk on the other hand is about crap that means absolutely nothing. Girls, boys, love, hate, cheating, etc... It's often mixed with electro-synths, cheesy guitar riffs, and lovesick hooks that sound more like a wounded mouse. Some examples of these horrible mutations are Blink182, Greenday, and Cobra Starship. These bands know little or nothing about anarchy and what punk was formed on. If Joe Strummer heard what Blink182 was singing about, he would die again.

I think this song, by Anti-flag, reminds me so much of the old British punk that I love. Though it may sound a little bit pop-punkish, it remains true to what punk was founded on. Thank God for good lyrics and punk guitar riffs!

almost | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/7/10

this is an insanely brilliant song. a few words to the debate about blink-182/Green Day etc. the guy below is absolutely correct, except that I might add that the Ramones did have a few political songs and so do Green Day, hence the concept albums '21st Century Breakdown' and 'American Idiot' and even in previous albums they had very punk-like lyrics/style. In my mind, all of the listed bands are punk EXCEPT blink-182, who are a pop band who like to be seen as punk and use similar chord progressions etc. the aforementioned Ramones/Green day style of punk is definitely pop-punk, which is a mixture of the two genres. And for all these hater types who think pop music is a bad thing, it is OK. personally I prefer punk/hardcore/metal, but the majority of the world likes bands like blink, why else do you think it's called pop?

No | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/09

You guys dont understand the difference between punk and pop-punk. The two have similar roots but split from each other at the very beggening of punk. On one side u had the Ramones and the Buzzcocks and on the other you had bands like the Sex Pistols. The Ramones and Buzzocks wrote songs about girls and the like while the Sex Pistols talked about 'Anarchy in the UK'. Blink and Green Day are descendents of the Ramones while Anti-Flag is a descendent of the Sex Pistols with some pop-punk influence in their musical style.

not bad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/09

I'd have to agree, Blink-182 and Green Day are definitely the evolution of punk. Music undergoes changes, but those bands have roots in punk and move the sound forward, so they A) qualify as punk and B) punk fans should be proud to count Blink/Green Day among the ranks of great punk bands.

The DEBATE | Reviewer: TURNCOAT, KILLER, LIAR, THIEF | 2/20/09

For those of you like abhishek munian who dislike Blink-182, I'm proud to say they're back in action, so stick it. :]

Getting these comments on the right track again: As for Anti-Flag, they're one of my most favorite punk bands; with NoFX following right behind them.

Dude | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/09

I fucking love Anti-Flag. They make me feel so empowered. Especially with songs like No Borders, No Nations. Definitely DEFINITELY one of my favorite bands. And umm.. YEAH, Blink-182 and Green Day ARE punk. They're also two of my favorite bands.
"I mean fuck what everybody thinks about you"
Billie Joe Armstrong said that.. and people say he's not punk..

KILLER | Reviewer: abhishek munian | 6/23/08

well i think if any ones is looking for a killer actual PUNK rock combination it has to be ANTI-FLAG and RISE AGAINST.btw for ppl who think blink 182 and green day are punk i am sorry they arent..i mean how can a band become punk if their songs have shitty lyrics related to girls,pimples on faces,nerds,dicks,getting dumped.

You guys have it wrong. | Reviewer: Mitchell | 11/26/07

The previous comments are looking at this song wrong. Turncoat is talking about the media and how instead of portraying the truth, it is broadcasting lies into the daily lives of citizens of the world.

Well, | Reviewer: Dugan | 8/15/07

This song is of course fuckin awesome. We need more people to think in this manner so we can finally throw the political monsters off our backs and finally get a grip on life. GO Punk. and fuck society/government/paris hilton.

mmkay | Reviewer: Maggie | 7/5/07

well . I think this song is completley kickass . and that antiflag is one of the best bands created. They speak the truth of the government . All i got to say is we need a new president for our countries birthday ! WOOH!

turncoat | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/07

This song rocks... the fuck with the government support revolution

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