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Morrissey Dear God, Please Help Me Lyrics

Last updated: 08/12/2014 05:48:46 PM

I am walking through Rome
With my heart on a string
Dear God, please help me

And I am so very tired
Of doing the right thing
Dear God, please help me

There are explosive kegs
Between my legs
Dear God, please help me

Will you follow and know
Know me more than you do
Track me down
And try to win me?

Then he motions to me
With his hand on my knee
Dear God, did this kind of thing happen to you?

Now I'm spreading your legs
With mine in-between
Dear God, if I could I would help you

And now I am walking through Rome
And there is no room to move
But the heart feels free

The heart feels free
The heart feels free
But the heart... feels free

The heart feels free

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Dear God? Really!? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/14

If anyone has reached this page please do take time to read the protestations of the religious.

I feel for you I'm sure. No, I really do. I even feel some of the pain but really no god, one life.

Treat it as a learning experience and move on darlings!

John: The song is not what is important | Reviewer: Tombcreeper | 10/17/13

I typed in the words "Dear God Please Help Me Find An Answer'. He has. The song is sad. In more ways than one. Coming here helped me see how much bigger and grander the Lord is. Bigger than smug atheists and bigger than smug believers. Relax and enjoy his wonder and love. And...don't take music so seriously.

Dear Jesus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/13

Thank you for this site. That in one of many grieving moments, I type the words DEAR GOD, PLEASE HELP ME, and I was led to here. By reading some of the other post's, it has taken my mind off of myself, my pain. This has allowed to be brought out of the quick moment to see other peoples pain. Now I see that there are so many hurting for so many other reasons that my pain doesn't seem as bad anymore. Thank you Jesus. Amen

there is something or someone who does hear us | Reviewer: just me | 5/16/13

Last year on my B-day I asked for help. My situtation was dire. I have no work and am not rich. I asked for help and I received it. My life has been saved more than once, from either immediate death (war situation) or just society inflicted (economic crisis) circumstances. I do beleive, but I do not go to church.
There is power higher than all this around us. The lives we live are made by those on the top and the rules on taxation and all else we have to pay, regardless of our usage of these public assets, are construct of a human. Someone on the top (not God, but man) is scooping the cream, whilst most are just trying to make ends meet.

So do not give up that thought - there is an existence

Its been a long year for me full of heat aches and changes. | Reviewer: Andrea | 4/29/13

Dear God I know that you have always been beside me when I have needed you most.Please forgive me for all my sins . I really need you help. I have had a year full of changes and heartache.From my husband and I splitting up,having to move,losing my precious sweet dog ,losing a close friend of mine and having health members with sever health issues including my own.I pray that you please help me with dealing with all these changes, heart aches and loses in my life.Thank you Amen

YE GODS; PROTECT US FROM DOGMA AND BELIEVERS | Reviewer: Dr. John M. Richards | 1/5/13

Great song but what a load of absolute dross has ensued herein.
The song is very sardonic and sarcastic in true Morrissey form. 'Dear God' is a mere metaphor herein expressing hopelessness - of the situation (one of crusing for gay sex/intereaction) and of belief in a deity. Morrisssey is an out-and-out affirmed ATHEIST!! Though like many of us wretched souls he too endure the perpetual religious indoctrination in childhood which leaves so very many such indoctrinees (especially those of Roman Catholic bent, such as I) in a state of guilt-laden confusion.

Realise there is no god(s). Stop frailing and prostrating yourself here and get on with enjoying your life on this wonderful planet. There is no life after death. There is no happy afterlife; you need to make the most of your life here and now and realise that the only true heaven is actually here on Earth; this world is a true paradise which provides all we need, if only we could just learn to accept that we live in symbiosis with this planet and its other lifeforms, rather than pompously asserting we rule the world.

A Father's Plea | Reviewer: Lance Marchetti | 10/6/12

Oh God, You are my God... and I will always praise You. I will seek You in the morning... and learn to walk in Your ways, step by step You lead me, and I will follow You all of my days.
I am now 43yrs old, and I have caused tremendous heartache to my Wife and Daughter over the years... but You have cleansed my mind and washed my soul by Your Goodness. My Life now testifies that I no longer live for Satan, but for You. Heal our marriage by Your gracious power oh God , and bring happiness to our house... and make it a Home. And may my Wife, Daughter and little Son experience a New loving man of God in their precious Lives. Thank You Lord Jesus. Amen. :)
Lance Marchetti Gonubie, South Africa

is true love is crime ???? | Reviewer: anamanay | 9/15/12

dear god you know all about me. i dont need to tell u in detail what has been happened with me. god u know my heart is very weak. i have hurted like more than like a hell. she has killed me very badly. know tell me dear how to face life. god pls give me strong power so that i can face life and live my life. coz i want to face life bt i love her more than my life. why she has done wrong with me.

im in love | Reviewer: someone | 4/30/12

i need help i fell in love with a girl like two years ago but i dont know if she feels the same plus i keep on sining i need help i ask for forgivness every day god gave me a prophetic dream last night he showed me her in a black dress with a kid about 3 years of age then i came in im 15 right now but i looked like in my 20s in this dream she smiled at me. then i found my self in a vehicle at walmart i went in and my mom sister and brother where there saying what are you doing and i was just running away then i was at church some people where there they where cleaning for some reason they said they where at the funeral of one of my best friends family members they didnt say which one so i continuosly asked i never got a answer i got angry and threw some pans on the floor and asked again then one of the elders in my church grabed me and helped me wash my face well the water went on my face it turned into a silver mirror then i was lying on a plain covered in grass looking up at the sky god looked down on me and watched me as i watched him then i woke up in my old house because i heard my dad call me so i went looking and i was looking at his old bedroom calling him about to walk downstairs then i woke up again this time i was actually awake for some reason i was calling him in my sleep then i got up turned on the lights of my room i was so stunned i just stood there intell i felt somone take my hand then i just felt joy go through me i looked behind me and god appeared to me just for a splt second then disappeared but i could still feel his presence i fell on my knees and cried. sorry about the bad handrighting and grammar i was in a hurry to write this but please comment and tell me what this means

i want myself backkk.. | Reviewer: jyoti | 4/12/12

god!i need u...wat i want is please be with me.please.i dont have control over my feelings!!my mistake is only that i trust ppl so much!i dont knw how to live.please teach me that!i cant understand why ppl are bad?why they hide things?i have wasted very crucial time of life thinkin about this but now i have understood!but stil i cant jus control,i become weak!i want u to guide me.

god | Reviewer: me | 9/6/11

Dear God, You know me better than I know myself, and you know all my worries, troubles and needs. You know all of my hearts desires and all my fears. Please, do not turn your face away from me, do not take away your grace and mercy from my life. Have mercy on me, and hear my pleas. Without you I am nothing, but with you everything is possible. Have mercy on me! Oh God, Have mercy! Amen

M nt gonna giv up.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/11

Dear God.. I hd been a gud gal,until i came 2 this place.. Ya i knw i ws influenced by sum wrong company but u knw i hv left dem.. I m bein severly bullied God.. Physically,verbally n even on d internet... After dat day,i had vowed nt 2 repeat my mistakes agn... N i m keepin my promise God.. Cuz i knw u never leave d side of gud ppl.. I mean,every1 makes mistakes.. Bt v shud b given a chance 2 correct 'em.. God I really wanna do well in my xams.. Bt i wnt b able 2 focus on my studies if it goes on lyk dis... Plz help me God plz plz.. I knw u r wid me.. Plz dear Father...

I keep screwing up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/11

Where is everybody? God, i feel so alone. I guess that I have tried doing things on my own and I have messed up. Please please help me - don't let me try to walk this alone - I can't do things in the right way. Gossip has turned people against me and I don't know how to prove them wrong. If I am a bad person, please turn me around and start all over with me. I so want to be a good person, but, I need you there with me, please. So much stuff has happened and is still happening that I just feel like life is a big rut and I can't see the happiness that I should see. I don't know where to turn. I don't have a bunch of people who care about me and now you know what I have to go through and I am so scared that I am begging you to please carry me , hold me and be there to catch me if I should slip up again. God, it's just not easy for me being me. Why? Money doesn't come easily, health if not always the best, people who I thought were friends really turn away - I am not in the same calibre financially as them. What do I have to do? Death has visited us quite a few times and I don't seem to be able to heal from those losses. I am just plain old weak and I need you, my God. Please answer my request. In Jesus name. Amen!!

Help Again. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/11

It seems to me that the only time I speak to God is when I am in trouble. I am in trouble again and need help. I try to do the right things but they just come out wrong. I am trying so hard to change my ways. Don't get me wrong I am not an evil person. It's just that everything comes out wrong. Please help me refocus God and get back on the right track. I am asking you once again.

Oh God, Please Help Me | Reviewer: savita | 2/2/11

i always feel bad just for thing ..i work as hard as other people. bcoz i want to see always my parents happy .But there are some reason i can not see . God gives them first and always brings me to a pointy where i think nothing good is going to happen..Dear God ..if yu are there then i love my parents its just for them that i want a solve all my parents problem .well that looks like a distant dream with each day passing...i trust yu...after all this....pls listen to me..pls god help me plz..........................oh god father plz .....:(