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Spoken: You're perfect.

I just can't control myself,
I can't be with no one else,
it seems I'm addicted to the way you like to touch me
I don't think they understand,
why I love at your command,
from the words you speak,
so deep our bodies meet I had to have you,

I love you, you're perfect,
a manifestation of my dreams,
you make my body feel,
about a million different things

I think God made you for me,
a mix of passion and fidelity,
baby you're so complete,
I write this song to let you know,
that you will always be to me
my lust, my love, my man, my child, my friend, and my king

I love you, you're perfect,
a manifestation of my dreams,
you make my body feel,
about a million different things
there's no way I'd leave you, it's just not a reality,
sometimes I feel like I'm living in a fantasy.

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LOPEZ AND AFFLECK<3 | Reviewer: nateandkass | 11/2/11

I absolutely loved them together couldnt get enough and now a days ben is trying to get out of his marriage to jen but cant cause shes trapped him with 3rd child while j-lo is single now and doin big things i dont think j-lo would except him back but hopefully he makes an effort if they ever get the chance i really wish and pray they get back! he was happy and so was she people need to stop believing rumors cause he really loved her and till this day he "blames the media for his failed engagement to j-lo" and i dont think she knew what to do back then but she learned and they both know how to keep things private but i can see them getting back together again and i cant wait. i dont like garner period shes fake.

why | Reviewer: Sky | 7/22/10

people please give me answers to these questions. Did Jennifer ever been with benem. jeu if they were married. Has Ben been in love ondaosno loved eating at Jennifer and whether Jennifer was in love with Ben and ate it loved it. whether Jennifer was in any contact with Ben. I would have loved to have together. whether they are loved? zsto married Marc Anthony. When this song was made. people if you know the answers to these questions or at least enka please answer me I'll be grateful for life please. . pls pls pls pls

TO: UH....PLEASE... | Reviewer: millie | 7/15/10

Ben most certainly was in love with Jennifer Lopez otherwise he wouldn't had put such a gorgeous, unusual, engagement diamond on her hand. He knew right away she was a keeper. He said it himself: "She's more traditional than you think." and he alluded to the fact that she has not HAD that many men like the other chicks he's been with....But I do agree with you on never letting the world know, in writing, how in LOVE you are because it could come back to haunt. Ben was weak. He let his friends teasing get to him and the press. (Meanwhile his best friend, Matt Damon, married a bartender!).......he should have minded his own business.

this song... | Reviewer: SAS | 9/16/08

i think she wrote the song for how she was feelin ya know. and thats great if thats how she was feelin. now shes moved on and thats her business so everbody needs ta get over it. i love jennifer lopez! i dont know why people say she is stuck up. i see that she is just completely real like alot of her songs say. she is amazing!! and its great that shes reached dreams ... she gives me insiration. i love this girl no joke!

ugh | Reviewer: melissa | 8/19/08

people are so stupid. this is just a song. yes, jennifer and ben broke up. WHO DOESNT? i wrote a poem about my ex but wen your in the moment you do things like that. at that time she was in love with ben, if he was in love with her WHO KNOWS?! but this is a beautiful song if they are together or if they aren't. she should change this song to dear marc. maybe it would reduce some of this stupid energy that you people are feeling.

Karma | Reviewer: MIMIC | 6/6/08

People write without having a clue... first she was never married to Ben. They never got there. He didnt love her as she loved him. Marc Anthony was dumped by her when they dated she wasnt into him... well look at them now...who would of thought. To clear the story would take a min which I dont have... life is funny though ..hey Marc what you felt for JLO is what she felt for BEN. Hope you can deal with that good to your ex..mother of your boys.FOR GOD DONT LIKE UGLY!

Ohhhhhhhhhhh | Reviewer: Nikki | 3/29/08

It's really sad that they broke up...i think Jen loved him too much..Ben really didn't seem to like all the attention he was getting...He looked sad when he was with they have both found happiness with others....What I really don't get is why some one would dump BEN!!!!!He is Hottttttttttt!!!

UH... Please | Reviewer: UH..Please | 2/26/08

Jennifer Lopez never married Ben (oh, more accurately stated, Ben never married Jennifer), therefore, there was no divorce. This song is not the best song writeen - almost no verses. It is a song about a woman who loved (and lust after) a man more than she loved herself and lost her self respect in the process. Never make a man feel that you need him more than he needs you. What is more, JLo put a lot on the line for Ben, while he never had to do much to show devotion for her. She was with him while married, separated and divorced her husband and then showed off Ben a few weeks after her divorce. How disrespectful! The worse is that this song will always be out there to remind her how low she sunk for a man that never loved her. This man is now married with child. Jen is now married with child. This song about love, lust and more lust, for a man who is not your husband is here for all to see into eternity. How sad!

i love ben just like jlo | Reviewer: keyavril | 12/11/07

loving somebody too much is very dangerous,and it will be sad when you know that your heart you just can't trust it there is a reason why people don't stay where they are, cos baby, sometimes love just is not enough.

about the song.. | Reviewer: Tasha | 11/29/07

this song is absolutly beautiful, if u have ever been in love u will know this song says so much on so many different levels, im not a huge fan of J-LO but this song describes love more than any other song iv heard. Tasha x

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