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Deana Carter Biography

Last updated: 09/20/2014 10:51:55 AM

Deana Kay Carter (named after Dean Martin) was born January 4, 1966 in Nashville, TN. As the daughter of the sought-after session guitarist, Fred Carter Jr., Deana grew up familiar with the music business and its personalities. It was a common occurrence to visit with Willie Nelson, Roy Orbison, Waylon Jennings, Bob Dylan, and Simon & Garfunkel.

Deana and her brothers, Ronnie and Jeff, grew up in a house full of music, love, fun and personality. Her mom, Anna Carter, was a PTA, kool-aid type Mom who worked hard to give the family a stable foundation of love and togetherness.

Deana was the typical popular high school girl, a cheerleader and student body president. As a Senior, her Dad introduced her around Nashville as a potential singing artist. None of the labels were intrested so Deana "thought she'd better do something else."

She headed to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville snd earned a degree in occpational therapy. While at college, she sang for fun at various campus hangouts. After graduation, she worked with stroke and headinjury patients. "It was hard work, it broke my heart seeing these people with such debilitating injuries." Deana began missing the life of music that she was raised in. So she picked up a guitar at the age of 23.

There was no flash of lightning. It was a lot of hard work and many closed doors. "I knew music was what I wanted to do, and I just couldn't stop trying." She continued writing, attended endless writer's nights and pitched her songs. She began to develop a unique writing and singing style of innocent confidence.

Finally, in 1992, her songs caught the attention of Jimmy Bowen, then head of Capitol Nashville. "He had worked with Dad years ago, and I used that as my intro." An album was recorded and released in Europe in early 1995. A U.S. release date was set; however, after many postponements and numerous shake-ups at Capitol, the release never happened. Capitol was dropping many new artists, and Deana found herself faced with the battle of her career, to keep from getting dropped from her label.

During this time, Deana was experiencing many personal changes. A long-term relationship had ended and she was reintroduced to her now husband, Chris DiCroce. They had met three years prior, and dated briefly. Upon their first meeting, Chris told his friend, "I'm going to marry that girl!" To her family's suprise, Deana and Chris were engaged in November, 1994 and married one year later.

Finally Scott Hendricks, the new head of Capitol, decided to cut a new album, with 8 new songs and it was to be called "Did I Shave My Legs For This." Since the album's release in August 1996, Deana has had 4 number one hits, the album has gone quadruple platinum, and she released her second album in 1998 called "Everything's Gonna Be Alright" which has gone gold!

Deana's songs express a certain honesty and humbleness- and that is what Deana is all about. Her "tumultuous" relationships and experiences have given her a clear understanding and confidence in herself that she shares through her music. She is one singer who really went after what she wanted, and will acheieve any goal she sets for herself. The best of luck to Deana, we know you will suceed no matter what you do!!!