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Actor, singer; born Dino Paul Crocetti, in Steubenville,
Ohio on June 7, 1917, the younger of two sons born of
Italian immigrants. Had one brother, Bill.
Best known for his comedic partnership with Jerry Lewis, as
well as for his participation in the “Rat Pack,” a group of
entertainers—including Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr.,
Joey Bishop, and Peter Lawford—who performed together in
Las Vegas and teamed up in several films in the early

Martin attended Grant Elementary School in Steubenville,
Ohio, and took up the drums as a More...

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Review about Dean Martin songs
Dean Of Music | Reviewer: Graham. ( South Wales GB )
    ------ About the song My Rifle, My Pony And Me performed by Dean Martin

Dean Martin .................the coolest man ever . Multi-talented in all fields of entertainment, and when it came to singing , God must have sprayed his throat with a rainbow.

The Great Dean Martin | Reviewer: Cesar Caracas
    ------ About the song Everybody Loves Somebody performed by Dean Martin

Dean was born in Ohio, Italian Father and his mom, an American

Italian girl, He was ridiculed for his broken English and dropped

out of Steubenville High School in the 10th grade because he thought

he was smarter than his teachers. :))

I've never heard a voice as wonderful as Dean Martin had. A real

singer to love, to the romantic things, being as sweet as women love

to hear, one innate sympathy in him, always looking to enjoy his

Cheerful shows. He was a very genuine Actor, Singer, television star

and comedian; 100 % of Charisma, i love others songs as "That's

Amore", " Volare", "You're Nobody till Somebody Loves You". I still enjoy his songs, best regards to the sweet women of this world specially to my Bunny babe.

Peggy Lee's Song | Reviewer: Wallis McClain
    ------ About the song Manana performed by Dean Martin

This entry implies that the song was written by Dean Martin, who recorded it later. But it was written by Miss Peggy Lee and Dave Barbour in 1947, and she recorded it in that year with his band. It was one of her biggest hits.

Dreaming | Reviewer: Charltun
    ------ About the song My Rifle, My Pony And Me performed by Dean Martin

Dreaming! Dino was as cool as they come!
This song
Is where a lot of folks 'want to be'.
Picture That setting sun casting shadows on
The canyon walls, hues of the rainbow glitter
here and there. Feel that calm feeling go
Through your soul. Find a campsite, take care of your
pony. Brew some warm beverage, look at the
stars twinkle in the night sky. Feel a slight breeze
as it whispers gently through the pines. Feel
at ease with yourself and leave the cares of
the world behind, even for a day. Thank you God
for just this small measure of peace.
tars glitter

The Golddiggers | Reviewer: John Dibben
    ------ About the song The Glory of Love performed by Dean Martin

Best summer time replacement show that became a regular weekly variety show that was one of my all time favourite variety shows in an era when comedy variety shows ruled the airwaves like hospital dramas and sickening crime dramas do today...not to mention the reality shows and the talent shows...and I don't even have HBO so we are not even going there.

I loved Deano. His voice reminded a little of the great Al Jolson's voice, another one of my favourite singers. Dean was always so relaxed in his show and when he sang. Their was something in his voice that was warm and unique. He carressed you and charmed you all at the same time with that golden throat of his. Even on his records or over the radio he had a way of winking at you with his songs that let you know he didn't take himself too seriously like his famous counterpart Frank Sinatra. I always preferred Dean's voice over Frank's anyway.

Dean was a great entertainer, always having fun, and one of the best straight men to ever perform. Witness not only his brief time at the beginning of his career with Jerry Lewis but with all the great funny mmen and women he worked with on his show over the years and don't forget the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts.

Great song, great lyrics and what a memorable rendition by the wonderful Dean Martin.

Love it | Reviewer: Jean Anderson
    ------ About the song Mambo Italiano performed by Dean Martin

This song, oh boy I love it. Dean Martin was one in a million and his humour was the best. His voice sooo easy to listen to. Thank you for the lyrics, I sing this song over and over.

Hey, fix the typo | Reviewer: Walt Cody
    ------ About the song Baby, It's Cold Outside performed by Dean Martin

Loesser deserves no less. Should be "Lend me your comb" to rhyme with "home" and explains the line about "your hair looks swell."

Great, classic, sexy song. He wrote some terrific early singles. Try "Slow Boat to China" too.

My Rifle,pony and me | Reviewer: MCA
    ------ About the song My Rifle, My Pony And Me performed by Dean Martin

It's funny, when Dean Martin had his TV show I didn't miss a one. All of my friends were listing to the Rolling Stones, Beatles, etc. But Dean and Elvis...the best. I have just about all of Deans Albums. I started buying them when I 13.It was a very sad day for me too when these two Champions died.

Every body loves somebody sometime | Reviewer: Mott Ryan
    ------ About the song Everybody Loves Somebody performed by Dean Martin

Dean Martin has no equal in quality of voice or style i don't believe there is a sway singer today any where near as good a singer he was in a street on his own well above the rest

Nostalgic and Unforgettable!! | Reviewer: FAS1
    ------ About the song My Rifle, My Pony And Me performed by Dean Martin

Just finished watching "Rio Bravo" again for the umpteenth time last night on TCM. One of my Top Ten Westerns of all time, with that remarkable cast of Wayne, Martin, Nelson, Dickinson, Brennan, Bond, and Akins. One of the highlights is that timeless song, "My Rifle, My Pony, and Me," done by Dean and Ricky. (And a nice contribution by Walter Brennan on the harmonica!!) It always brings back many fond memories of my youth...and a much simpler time. Howard Hawks did a wonderful job directing this film...and the musical score by Dimitri Tiomkin was special, too. BRAVO...for "Rio Bravo!!"

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