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Dean Friedman Songs For Grownups Album

Last updated: 08/27/2001 02:49:39 AM

Release Date: 11/09/1999
Tracks in Songs For Grownups: All Grown Now, Ayamba Yayahu (It's Just Another Day), Dodo, Don't Marry That Boy, Don't Mourn, Don't Cry, God of Abraham, Hale Bop She Bop, Hey, Hey, Hillary, Hob-Nobbin', How Does This Story End?, It's A Wonderful Life, It's Only Make Believe, Jennifer's Baby, Little Black Cloud, Maybe in a Million Years, Multimedia Man, New Lang Syne, No One Knows, Put You In My Pocket, Sandy, Saturday Fathers, She's A Working Mom, Sometimes I Forget, The Dolphins Were Dancing, Typical Town, Under a Canopy, Where Have All The Angels Flown?, Wishing on a Satellite

Songs For Grownups Album Tracklist