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Deadlock Biography

Last updated: 07/11/2005

Fate brought this young band together in 1997, when Tobias, Sebastian, Johannes and Mike met. End of `98 Hans-Georg took over the Bass duties from Mike and DEADLOCK`s first stable line-up was completed.

After releasing their selftitled 7" all on their own the guys from Winter Recordings realized the potential of this talented band and made them an offer they could not refuse. From this day on both parties grew friends more and more and in early 2000 DEADLOCK`s 7-Song MCD "I`ll wake you when spring awakes" saw the light of day.

Since then lots of things have changed...
Two new faces joined, namely Thomas replacing Hans-Georg on Bass and Tom on additional Guitar. Sabine is featured on several tracks of "The Arrival" playing the Keyboards and performing additional clean vocals. DEADLOCK developed their brutal and blistering sound to a higher level, playing now tight and skilled metal, with beautiful melodies, a harsh screaming voice and lovely female background vocals.

Lyricwise they offer you a wide range of topics, like showing their Vegan Straight Edge Attitude in Songs like "Menschenhand", focusing their view of our greed ridden society in "spring is awoken" or in "The more Money they get...", or just opening thier hearts in poetic and epic masterpieces like "Love I Think I have never felt it before..." or "Lebe Wohl". In 2k2 the new prophets have arrived.

After a lots of shows and some small Tours in 2002 they found new friends in the band Six Reasons To Kill and decided to do a split release on Winter Recordings. DEADLOCK once again developed their skill and tightness to a higher level and added to their epic music orchestral arrangements. Also the typical Twin-Guitar melodies, the Blackish keyboard-parts and the beautiful female vocals are forced to the next level.

In july 2k3 the Split-CD were finally released trying to conquer the world by storm...

If you like extrem music, you should not hesitate to check DEADLOCK out live and on disc.