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Dead To Fall Biography

Last updated: 02/13/2010 11:00:00 AM

Jonathan Hunt - vocals
Bryan Lear - guitar
Seth Nichols - guitar
Justin Jakimiak - bass
Dan Craig - drums

Hailing from Victory Records' hometown of Chicago, IL, Dead to Fall is poised to take the metal and hardcore worlds by storm. Their onslaught of multifaceted Nordic influenced guitar riffs and racing drum blasts will stir any fan of extreme music into a frenzy; the likes of which have not been seen since At The Gates unleashed "Slaughter of the Soul" upon the world, changing the face of underground metal forever. Dead to Fall's debut, "Everything I Touch Falls to Pieces" takes metal in a new direction; converging death metal growls and pit clearing breakdowns to formulate an eclectic mix of all things brutal.

Dead To Fall plays with ferociousness that will undoubtedly give the metal world the jolt it so desperately needs. Their flailing, chaotic live show has introduced them to hardcore and metal audiences across the country. Prior to signing to Victory Records, Dead to Fall self-released a five-song demo that quickly circulated and was well received in the Chicago hard music scene. As one of the most promising young acts to emerge from the Chicago area, it was evident from the beginning that Dead to Fall was going to alter the face of metal. In their short time in existence, Dead To Fall has already shared the stage with The Crown, Darkest Hour and Living Sacrifice. It is already evident that Dead to Fall is on track to become one of the most respected and talked about metallic hardcore bands around.

Five months prior to the release of "Everything I Touch Fall to Pieces", Dead to Fall recorded a debut track on Victory Style 5. The Track, "Graven Image", immediately generated a huge amount of anticipation for the full length album's impending release. Guitar One magazine singled the band out as the stand out track on the CD saying, "They show an affection for Scandinavian metal's minor-key harmonies, stuttering syncopations, and a variety of tones that make each guitar distinguishable."

Dead To Fall are influenced not only by modern hardcore, but also have distinguishable, intense references to the Swedish and technical metal sounds, originally coined by such legendary acts as At The Gates, Carcass and Entombed. Bryan Lear and Seth Nichols have a dueling guitar assault that goes toe to toe with Dan Craig's relentless double-bass drum attack, while Justin Jakimiak's mauling bass lines add a definite density to the band's assailing sound. In the meantime, Jon Hunt's vocal mastery stomps firmly on the cusp of the death metal growls of Six Feet Under's Chris Barnes. Hunt's grueling scream is so powerful that nothing like it has ever been approached by a human.

In June of 2002, Dead to Fall ventured south to Poynter's Palace in Little Rock, AR to record with Barry Poynter, producer for such influential artists such as Zao, Living Sacrifice and Embodyment. Poynter allowed the dark and ominous sound of Dead to Fall's debut to erupt. When Dead To Fall took the long journey back to the Chicago area in early July, they carried with them a force of pure evil. The prophetic title, "Everything I Touch Falls To Pieces", includes tracks such as "Eternal Gates Of Hell", "Preying On The Helpless", "Tu Se Morta" and "Like A Bullet". Dead To Fall will indeed crush their competition into millions of pieces with a complex sound of their brutal and intense songs.

Immediately following their recording, Dead to Fall embarked on a month long tour with German metal masters, Caliban. The tour called Hellfest 2002 home for its first three days, with Dead To Fall unleashing a deadly side-stage appearance on the unsuspecting masses in Syracuse, NY. The tour lead them to the breeding ground for extreme metal at The Milwaukee Metalfest, where they met up with Incantation and Impaled to begin another month long tour. Dead to Fall plan to tour non-stop throughout 2002. They will have nearly three months of touring to set up the release of "Everything I Touch Falls to Pieces" which comes forth on September 10, 2002. Beware, for Dead to Fall will soon be laying waste and bringing the mosh to your wretched existence.