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Crossfade Dead Skin Lyrics

Last updated: 11/30/2011 10:00:00 AM

So I'm the king
Of all these things
Of this mess I have made
Such a waste
What a shame
My whole life is a fake

Well I'm a bore
And I'm sure
I'm a thorn inside of you
That has torn at you for years

The alcohol
The demerol
These things never could replace
What a minute with you could do to put a smile on my face

I'm a bore and I'm sure
I'm a thorn inside of you
That has torn at me for years

I can't get out of this dead skin
I can't shed my skin
I'm not sure where to begin
Why can't I begin again
I can't get under my dead skin
I can't shed my skin
Can I sleep til then

Phenobarbital and alcohol
These two surely will do
To knock me out
Keep me down atleast a day or two

When I'm awake
I can taste how bitter I've become
And it's more than I can bare somedays
I pray someone will blow me away

Make it quick
But let it burn
So I can feel my life fade

Well I'm a waste and I can taste
How bitter I've become
And It's more than I can bare
I can't shed my skin
I can't shed my skin

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what I think | Reviewer: henry | 11/30/11

To me this song is about losing someone you love, probably a boyfriend or girlfriend, and what the person is doing to try and get over it. The "dead skin" is most likely the life they had with that person and all they want to do is forget them and try to move on, but they just can't escape the feelings and love for that person.
I also looked up demerol and Phenobarbital, both drugs that can do some major damege on the body when taken with alcohol or just taking too much.
The demoral I take it was used to try and heal the pain the person has in their heart which, it won't do and the Phenobarbital causes the body functions to slow down and if taken enough, may lead to a unconciousness and even a coma.
I can relate to this song very much, I know what its like to lose someone you love so much and all you wanna do is forget, but you can't. Maybe I should try those drugs lol.

My spin on the meaning | Reviewer: Stephen Barrett | 12/27/08

I think that the meaning of the song has to do with leading and struggling with the reality of a double life. The "Dead Skin" is the old life that the person has broken. They constantly want to either be in the skin or out of it, depending on the situation, thereby reinforcing the double life.

A double life is hard to lead and easy to screw up your whole life. A life full of unneeded lies and hidden secrets is not something the incautious person wants to have.

The alcohol is also not helping either, making things worse, and preventing the person from gracefully or resolutely accepting the mistakes and lies. Then it becomes impossible to climb out of that emotional sinkhole that keeps pulling people down. Impossible to repair relationships, impossible to reestablish love ties to those you or others care.

All of those emotional sinkholes can break anybody, men and women alike. It doesn't matter, whatever your suffering... your emotions will come and take you out of control unless pure intentions are made to fix those mistakes, to atone for the crimes and other things that you made happen.

Overall, this song is depressing but serves as a living sermon of the double life that people should not lead. Do not tell lies, even if it is to save a life. Do not rely on alcohol to hide the pain, or it will hit you three times as hard when you're sober. And most of all, people must accept the mistakes and bad omens they caused, and must atone for them.

Coldheart | Reviewer: Doc | 10/25/08

I love this song. This song is all about the process of overcoming the plaguing demons. It really doesnt matter what they are, a girlfriend, a lost loved one, whatever. I think Ed does a great job portraying the emotion in this.

pain is hell | Reviewer: Stillen | 5/23/08

this song is a pain full song and most people who know that they are about to lose someone that you love and care for can really relate to this song. i can even relate to the lyrics of this song because i lost the person that i loved and now all i can do is try to keep her as close as i can or else i would probabaly break down and do something with out thinking.

My thoughts | Reviewer: Linda | 3/27/08

You can say this is a song for broken people. You can listen to it and totally relate to it it's beautiful.

But it's a song about renewal too and finding out how you realy feel about somebody. Probably a person you can't be with. And that hurts like hell.

OMG | Reviewer: Chris | 11/7/07

how can no one post a bulletine on this song, this one is prolly one of the songs that jell this CD, i love it because of the fact of how much pain he felt and how hard he is trying to keep the person he loves the most