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Avias Dead Silence Lyrics

Last updated: 04/29/2012 12:00:00 PM

dad: hey sonia wheres our son avias i havent seen him all day hun
mom: well you know dad every since he got those new puppets hes just turned
into a homebody locked in his rooms for hours!
Avias: tip toe tippy tippy toe left arm, right arm, mouths scrubbing floor,
ah haha this guys funny, tickle tickle
welcome listener into my little shop of horrors
let me repeat myself i eat bars and save scraps for tomorrow
im the puppet master of rap living up to my name
rappers drop bars and give brains but i tell em no strings
my bars so cold i make em shiver killing fanz doing shows
other rappers read music for dummies but i prefer the pros
like the old saying goes i make money money do not make me
better yet i am money squeeze me next to george washington
im the show starter you others better not say a word
so sit back and relax fanz be appauled by my deliverance- put yo cellys on
silent cause yall know im fina kill it and im in complete control yes kinda
feel like a vantriloquist mary shaw is the name attention i came about
business not no beating around the bush but revealing to yall whose winning
so do you believe in avias you over there do you know
his bars are realer than real more realer than pinocchio
in in the game im in the game im in the game (4xs)
dead silence
its dead silence

okay its time to bring the new in boring places rap
i know yall tired of seeing the same boring faces crap
what happened to good music like aaliyah and lauren
taking ya minds on adventure like walt disneys soarin
niggaz dont realize av prouductionz is a mega catastrophe
putting yall on cloud 9 like dental funny gas "laugh at me"
yall niggaz funny like katt williams yall niggaz give me the giggles
yall working fast food i got green the only green yall see pickles

in in the game im in the game im in the game (4xs)
dead silence
its dead silence
its dead silence my niggaz!