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Lamb Of God Dead Seeds Lyrics

Last updated: 02/19/2012 10:00:00 AM

And you may tremble before Hell's gates
You may watch as the Heavens fall
And you may slight the hands of fate
You may heed the siren's call!

And you may reach every golden shore
Witness repent in the heathen
And you may dance in the sands of the war
You may sleep in the cradle of Eden

Betrayed your prophets
Dead seeds buried deep
An army of none
We'll prey on the weak

And you may walk through the river run dry
You may strike down the giant with stone
And you may never again speak a lie
Confess every sin and atone

And you may drink from the infidel's blood
As a civilization collapses
You may rejoice in the cleanse of the flood
And stare into the face of apocalypse

Betrayed your prophets
Dead seeds buried deep
An army of none
We'll prey on the weak

You will not comprehend
Or find words that will describe
The will of god and man
Until you watch someone die

Betrayed your prophets
Dead seeds buried deep
An army of none
We'll prey on the weak

Mother fucker! yeah

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LOG rocks | Reviewer: azkaven | 5/11/11

And you may sleight the hands of fate,
You may heed the syren's call.

And you may dance in the sounds of the war,
You may sleep in the cradle of Eden.

An army of men
Will prey on the weak (It makes more sense)

Literature | Reviewer: ihatemaths | 5/24/10

I do agree with Cynic that LoG is pushing their lyrics to another level. I'm taking Grade 11 Literature, and I can find many Literature devices being used in LoG's lyrics, which are not evident in a lot of other bands and artist's lyrics. Lyrics are getting very straightforward nowadays, especially the crappy mainstream stuff which don't even bother about music as an art anymore. Yet with LoG's I could find allusion, alliteration...

take the line "dead seeds buried deep" for example. try repeating it out loud a few times. doesn't it sound like music? like the beating of the drums?
I find that so smart!! XD

Another one: "river run dry"
the use of "r" sounds gives us an image of the running water on the river!

Ok, maybe it sounds like nonsense to you, but if you study Literature, LoG is really one to admire. Sick lyrics + sick music, HELL YEAH!! :D

Eargasmic | Reviewer: Donavan Dutra | 4/27/10

I LOVE this song. Randy Blythe is definitely one of the most inspirational metal vocalists that continue to idolize. With that in mind, Chris Adler is another great. Simply flawless rhythm and technicality. Eargasm to my ears :D

Review/ Reply to Cynic | Reviewer: Crysis | 4/19/10

Wrath is one of the only CD's I can put in and listen to every single song on! This song is one of my favourites right now. And a reply to Cynic, I scream and shred guitar (not at the same time) and do not find this chorus as hard as many other. This one is actually quite manageable.

The lyrics | Reviewer: Cynic | 1/3/10

Pure seen by lyrics one of LoG's best songs ever.
So clearly stated you'd be a retard to get around it. This is life and this is what we make of it. I think LoG's pushing their lyrics to a level noone's seen before. I am a singer myself, and I have to say, it feels great to just scream the chorus. If you do not know how to scream, don't try this. You'll end up with a soar throat xD
Anyway, lyrical, instrumental, this song is perfect in every way. I have yet to decide between this song, Grace or Broken Hands, in being my favorite Wrath song.