Dead Moon Albums

  • Trash & Burn Album (10/1/2001)
    The Way It Is
    One-Way Ticket
    These Times With You
    Shadows Of The Night
    40 Miles Of Bad Road
    Out Of Reach
    Never again
    Shot Away

  • Destination X Album (10/1/1999)
    Down To The Dogs
    It's A Long Way To The Top
    To Nowhere Down
    On Another Plane
    Bad Case
    Raise Up The Dead
    Only Want To Be Your Man
    As Teardrops Break
    Point Of No Return

  • Hardwired in Ljubljana Album (10/14/1997)
    13 Going On 21
    Cast Will Change
    Clouds Of Dawn
    Diamonds In The Rough
    Down The Road
    Fire In The Western World
    Going South
    I Won't Be The One
    Ill Of The Dead
    It's O.K
    Kicked Out - Kicked In
    Killing Me
    Milk Cow Blues (Public Domain)
    Out In The Blue
    Play With Fire (Nanker/Phelge)
    Poor Born
    Room 213
    Running Out Of Time
    Somewhere Far Away

  • Nervous Sooner Changes Album (10/1/1995)
    Diamonds In The Rough
    Say It Isn't So
    I Won't Be The One
    Can't Let Go
    Running Out Of Time
    Psychodelic Nightmare
    Area 51
    Somewhere Far Away
    I'm Not Afraid
    Windows Of Time

  • Crack In The System Album (10/1/1994)
  • Strange Pray Tell Album (10/1/1992)
  • Stranded In The Mystery Zone Album (10/1/1991)
  • Thirteen Off My Hook Album (10/1/1990)
  • Unknown Passage Album (9/1/1989)
  • In The Graveyard Album (9/1/1988)

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