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Little Betty ate a pound of aspirin she got them from the shelf upon the wall
Betty's mommy wasn't there to save her she didn't even hear her little baby call
Dead babies can't take care of themselves dead babies can't take things off the shelf
Well we didn't want you anyway lalalalalalalalalalala
Daddy is an agrophile in Texas mommy's on the bar most every night
Little Betty's sleeping in the graveyard living there in burgundy and white
Dead babies can't take care of themselves dead babies can't take things off the shelf
Well we didn't love you anyway lalalalalalalalalalala
Goodbye little Betty goodbye little Betty so long little Betty so long little Betty Betty so long
Dead babies can't take care of themselves dead babies can't take things off the shelf
Well we didn't need you anyway lalalalalalalalalalala goodbye little Betty

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stand for Life | Reviewer: kenneth shray | 4/25/14

you are known by who you associate with,and coop praised and hung out with anti-lifers pearl-jam.p.j. hung a big sheet with the message pro-choice on stage at one of their events.I say coop is truly evil,don't follow his hogwash.And motley-crue should dump this deviant before they launch their final tour,or coop will ruin the shows.

Alice the misunderstood... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/12

dead babies is absolutely about child neglect and the sometimes dire consequences.. 40 years on and this is still happening..
underneath the makeup and theatrics Alice is a very moral man.. even for a Christian.. (tongue firmly in cheekyness)

youngins | Reviewer: Mark | 8/31/11

To those of you born in the 90's, you can't possibly imagine what the world was like when this song came out. Artists like Alice Cooper laid the foundation for much of the culture that you take for granted today. It's easy to piss on the past when you don't understand what was so revolutionary about it. Certain things just weren't talked about. Now today it's nothing. Mostly because of artists like Alice Cooper. If you knew even 20 years of history before your birth you'd know this.

Puh-LEASE! | Reviewer: WhiteRabbit | 4/25/11

You people trying to say there's some sort of deep thought, or social uplift, or ANY redeeming value WHATEVER, hidden between the lines of this old Alice Cooper romp through Dead Baby Land, are the most hilarious suckers ever yet to slither forth from the primordial ooze! HA HA HA HA HA!

Now, back into the muck, please...

Alice The Teacher | Reviewer: WinkMan | 2/17/11

Daddy is a agrifile and mommy is on the bar because they must live with what they let happen. Alice is judgement day with this one, and the peanality can only go away when daddy and mommie are also dressed in burgandy and white.

Alice hit us hard with this one, as well we should be. He always strikes hard witn it comes to injustice, social neglect and hopelessness. He carries the cross, and bleeds for us. Dylan might be more suptile but alice is straight in our faces.

Art as a tool for communication | Reviewer: Dearth Yieldy | 2/14/11

Folks. In the film Silence of the Lambs, Anthony Hopkins himself is not actually a cannibal. He is just "acting" like one. Some would say it is "entertainment." Others might call it "teaching" us to recognize insanity. Still others might call it "art" because it makes us think.

Folks. Alice Cooper is NOT proposing that you kill babies. He is performing. Where you might think discussion or songs about dead babies is bad, I would propose he is using "art" to help us see the horrors not only of failing to look after one's children but failing to properly respect life overall.

Certainly we can disagree on the meaning of "art" but let's not confuse the artist with the subject.

The reality of it | Reviewer: stairway220 | 2/12/11

This song is pretty creepy and is probably played for shock value @ Alice's shows. However, as a teacher who has worked in the inner city, it always strikes me how many people out there let bad things happen to little kids. In one city I lived in, it seemed like every year brought another story of a baby or toddler left in a day care van to freeze or overheat by a neglectful van driver who couldn't be bothered to take the time to make sure that all the seats were empty. And the day cares still didn't make a policy to help van drivers keep track of who was in the van and who got out. So every year another driver would treat those kids like cargo...and have one of them die in a horrifying manner because that "piece of cargo" didn't get "unloaded." And we'd all get to see the gut-wrenching sobs of that baby's family on the news, but nobody would insist on more regulation of day cares and training for van drivers. And I guess that's how society is like Betty's mommy in this song. Not to mention the parents that don't want or pay enough attention to their kids, like Betty's parents--I knew kids whose parents would make sure they were fed (or not starving at least), clothed, and sent to school on time most mornings, and still not give a @%#^ how their kids did in school, how they behaved, how they felt, who their friends were, or where they were when the parents weren't home. This is what "Dead Babies" means to me.

Yes, but... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/31/10

I guess we can draw a moral from the song about the horror of child neglect, but I suspect that most kids liked the song and enjoyed Alice chopping the baby dolls into pieces on stage because of the sadism and the sickness. They didn't go there for, nor did they walk away with, a morality lesson.

Awesome | Reviewer: Tariq | 6/30/08

I loved this song. It has an awesome message not to neglect, and to pay attention to your children at all times. Also Rob this song isn't sick at all, If you do things like leave aspirin on a low shewlf in your house then this can be the result of it.

Abuse | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/08

This song is just showing how careless some parents can be... storing stuff like medicine on LOW shelves instead of high ones... and how bad child abuse can be leading to death

In my opinion this is exactly what happened to Madeline Mcann

Great song | Reviewer: Ben | 3/5/08

Dead Babies is a song against child abuse and regret. It's not about Mr. Cooper jacking off when he's thinking about dead babies. Jesus Christ.

Oh, and if you've got some free time, look up the Iced Earth version of this song. It's a flippin' awesome cover.

Great Cooper Song | Reviewer: sickpuppy | 12/15/07

This is an awesome Cooper song. It's art imitating life. He's throwing it back into the faces of people who have let this type of tragedy slip into their life. Simple as that!

In my opinion... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/07

..yes, this is a disturbing song, but because it talks of something we usually let happen without doing anything, it's disturbing because you must think about sad things that happens everyday and could be avoided. It's a moving song, every time I hear it makes me sad but it also makes me think so I think it's a good song. It leaves you with something.

Against child abuse | Reviewer: Paul Slayer, Romania | 6/10/07

I think you're mistaken, this song is not the typical shock-rocker, it's a asong against abusing children and neglecting them. It sounds shocking, indeed, but sometimes this is the only way to draw attention to some serious problems.

Is Killers Sickness or Art? | Reviewer: rob | 5/20/07

I have loved cooper for decades. I have seen him in concert and own mint first pressings of Pretties for you and easy action on the "Straight" label. When I was younger songs like "Dead Babies" didn't phase me, but anymore, I see a song like "Dead Babies" as unneccserily sick - even for Alice Cooper. That doesn't mean that I want Alice to start singing adult contemporary (though anyone with half a mind that has listended to Cooper knows he is a fantastic Ballard writer). I guess I will play off songs like "Dead Babies" to the need to be outragous as Alice and the Billion dollar babies mapped their career.

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