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Patrick Watson Daydreamer Lyrics

Last updated: 05/18/2012 12:00:00 PM

Come talk to me now
Daydreamer, daydreamer
Come with me now

Don't, no you're sitting down
From your eyes
Is he sleeping anyhow?

You're sitting down, sweet eyes
Still I'm sleeping anyhow

But daydreamer, oh daydreamer
Wake me now
From for the early sunlight
Pan my heart away
Day dreamer, oh day dreamer

My daydreamer

Won't you stay inside your house
'Cause I don't feel so lonely when you are around

[Previous lines played backwards]
When you are around

Lay my head
Tie me out of my shoes
An' walk another place away from blues
When my head is heavy on my shoulders
Daydreamer gonna make it over

My daydreamer
Won't you stay inside your house
[previous lines backwards]

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