Day26 Albums

  • The Return Album (6/26/2014)
    R&B Singer
    You're Worth It
    Make It to the Bed
    Russian Roulette
    Lost Control

  • A New Day Album (6/1/2012)
    Let It Go
    Made Love Lately
    Make It To The Bed

  • Forever In A Day Album (4/14/2009)
    Just Getting Started
    Imma Put It On Her
    Shawty Wats Up
    Think Of Me
    Stadium Music
    Perfectly Blind
    So Good
    Then There's You
    Need That
    Reminds Me Of You
    Your Heels
    Truth Is A Lie
    One Night Only

  • Day26 Album (3/25/2008)
    I'm The Reason
    Got Me Going
    Come With Me
    Co Star
    Come In (My Door's Open)
    Are We In This Together
    What It Feels Like
    Since You've Been Gone
    If It Wasn't For You
    Don't Fight The Feeling
    Ain't Going
    Exclusive (No Excuses)

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    Reviews about Day26 albums

    I Love This Album... | Reviewer: Halle
        ------ About the album Day26 performed by Day26

    I absolutely love this album and this group. They are so hot, and I cannot wait for the second album to drop on April 14th! Two songs are missing from this list for the album though. They would be "In My Bed" and "Silly Love". The track list should look like this:
    1. I'm The Reason
    2. Got Me Going
    3. In My Bed
    4. Silly Love
    5. Come With Me
    6. Co Star
    7. Come In (My Door's Open)
    8. Are We In This Together
    9. What It Feels Like
    10. Since You Been Gone
    11. If It Wasn't For You
    12. Don't Fight The Feeling
    13. Ain't Going
    14. Exclusive (No Excuses)

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