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Day26 Biography

Last updated: 09/21/2010 12:00:00 PM

Day26 is an American R&B/Soul group signed to Bad Boy Records. Formed on the fourth installment of MTV’s Making The Band,the quintet consists Brian Andrews, Mike McCluney, Qwanell “Q” Mosley, Robert Curry, and Willie Taylor. This is the band that is mostly like to be the Afro-American version of *NSYNC, as reported earlier.

Day26 Band Members
Brian “B. Angel” Andrews: Brian’s come a long way from making ends meet by working at a doggie daycare, having earned one of the coveted spots in Diddy’s all-mail supergroup during season 1 of Making the Band 4. Brian cares deeply for his family and hopes his newfound success will help make all their dreams come true.

Mike McCluney: Mike used to assemble cars and teach dance classes, but all that is in his past now that he won a spot inDiddy’s all-male supergroup during eason 1 of Making the Band 4. Michaelhas a beautiful voice, loads of confidence and a brand-new look.

Qwanell “Q” or “Que” Mosley: After much thought, Qwanell decided to give up a scholarship to Firetown College to appear on season 1 of Making the Band 4 — and what a smart choice it turned out to be. Although he was nervois about auditioning in front of Diddy, Qwanell’s singing and dancing skills scored him a spot in the band. Since his fater passed away when he was only four, Qwanell relied on his mother and grandmother for support throughouthis life. Now he hopes to repay them by cecoming the star he always knew he could be.

Robert “Magnum” Curry: Robert has a reputation as a gifted performer, and he definitely had the confidence and swagger that Diddy was looking for during season 1 ofMaking the Band 4. After proving he could work well with others, Robert was chosen to join Diddy’s all-male supergroup. Robert’s voice is so unique that Diddy says it gives him chills every time he hears it.

Willie “Will” Taylor: Chicago music native Willie made a living as a singer, songwriter and arranger before being asked to join Diddy’s all-maile supergroup during Making the Band4. He kept going so that he could be a role model for his child.

Making the Band 4
In 2007, producer/rapper “Sean “Diddy” Combs” returned with Making the Band 4, this time searching along with Michael Bivins, Bryan-Michael Cox (producer), Slam, Ankh Ra (Vocal coach) and Laurie Ann Gibson/Jamal (choreographer) for the next male super group. The season began on June 18, 2007 and the band was finally made live on August 26, 2007. The band announced that their name would be Day26, the day they were formed and the day that “changed their lives”.

Current activities
The boys are being featured on the second season of Making The Band 4 with Danity Kane and Donnie J. Klang, all three artist shown recording their albums. Day26 is currently promoting the debut album. The first single is Got Me Going produced by Mario Winans. The single was available for purchase on iTunes on January 29, 2008.