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Dawn Jay Biography

Last updated: 09/28/2014 07:57:26 PM

Dawn Jay is a singer/song-writer with an undoubtable talent for catchy melodies and chart topping love songs.

A bilingual RnB singer from Sri Lanka, Dawn Jay catapulted to success 6 years ago, when his debut single 'Ride With Me' landed at the number 1 spot on the Sun FM hot 40 charts. His 2nd single 'Rajya Sevaya Pinisai'-which was a comedic song about the monotonous life of office workers in Sri Lanka, earned him a reputation of being a witty and insightful lyricist that the average worker relates to, and the younger generation aspire to. The song was voted 'Most Popular Song of the Hour' at Hiru FM and Raja FM.

Dawn Jay's smooth voice has earned him acclaim in Sri Lanka, and after writing and releasing a group album entitled 'Innersense', Dawn Jay took his music to Singapore, where he swayed crowds at clubs such as Ministry Of Sound, Zouk, and Home Club to name a few. He has also branched out into music production and DJ-ing, and was a semi-finalist at the Heineken Thirst Studio competition. Although DJ-ing and production are a part of his musical talents, Dawn Jay insists that singing is his main forte.

"My day begins and ends with music. No matter what mood I'm at, be it happy, stressed or sad music heals me and keeps me going. And that's how most of my songs are written. It feels good when a random melody I hum in the morning evolves into a track loved by many; and that feeling for me as an artists is a blessing to keep making more music"

Songs such as 'Time' and 'Ma Langin' are when Dawn Jay shines,....