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"His concerts are so wild, anything goes. He loves to jump smack in the middle of a maddening crowd. He brings female fans to tears and leaves them begging for more. And his music is sensational."

"The guy knows how to work a stage...and has a good time doing it."

Music critics aren't the only ones talking about David Kersh. From coast-to-coast and border-to-border, Country Music fans have been flocking to see the talented musician with the "anything goes" attitude. With IF I NEVER STOP LOVING YOU, his second project for Curb Records, David is continuing the same breath-taking pace, which all started with the debut single, "Goodnight Sweetheart" and the album of the same name.

Once you hear the eleven songs on IF I NEVER STOP LOVING YOU, you'll understand why David's been hailed as one of Nashville's most dynamic young performers. The energy of his live show is captured on this sophomore disc - a difficult task for many. But for David, who spent almost 90% of his time on the road the past two years, taking that live energy into the recording studio came easily, even when delicately wrapping his lustrous baritone around acing ballads like "It's Out of My Hands" and "I Breathe In, I Breathe Out".

"When singing ballads, you must find a power within that drives you to deliver the words. In the studio, capturing that live energy is our objective." David says. "Sometimes, I felt Myself just singing the song because there was so much emotion and so much feeling in the lyrics that I didn't consciously feel myself putting a lot of effort into it - it just happened. Other time, I found myself wanting to draw as much as I could from myself, while developing a mental picture form the words."

Given the phenomenal success of "Goodnight Sweetheart" and "Another You," David could easily be pigeonholes as a balladeer, but there's more to this high-spirited Texan than heart-wrenching vocals and plaintive emotion.

Just listen to the sincere delivery of the rhythmic toe-tapper and the album's first release "If I Never Stop Loving You". Then there's "The Faster I go", a rockin' tune about a young man anxious to live life even if it means dabbling with rebellion now and then. "That song reminds me of myself," David admits. "It's high energy, and it's a little bit on the wild side."

"The Need" also has special meaning for David. During the recording process, "It was a constant struggle between my heart and my mind. Being on the road, it's very difficult to be in a relationship, and yet I have a lot of love in me that I want to give. At that time, I was very protective of my heart and of myself...I was scared of being in a relationship where I needed someone. I read the lyrics and realized, 'My gosh, this is what I have to do. This is the risk you have to take to find that love.' It really opened my eyes." The same sentiment threads through the fun, two-stepper' "Something To Think About", which also found a place on the new project.

But still, he realizes that for now, his commitment - all 200% of it - is to his career. As he weighs the successes he celebrated with GOODNIGHT SWEETHEART, David is also looking to the future. And like a true Texan, he's thinking big with IF I NEVER STOP LOVING YOU. For David the hard work is made worth it by his new found friends - the fans.

Part of David's commitment to his career is the time he spends with his fans. He routinely spends more time with the fans that de does on stage ... and that's fine with him.

"It's wonderful that people come up and say hello and get my autograph. I find myself on stage for an hour and a half then going back to the bus, with time enough just to catch my breath before going out for meet-and-greets and signing for two more hours. Visiting with people after the show allow them to see me in another setting - not as a performer."

David does more than pose for a photo and sign an autograph. His amiable nature allows him to easily engage his sometimes-speechless admirers into personable chats. "People feel closer to you when you actually have a conversation. I want people to know we have a lot in common - on the same level. When you're up on that stage, you're literally 'up there'. I want to jump down into the crowd and let them know that I'm one of them. Just like fans of mine, I'm a fan, too. I get 'awe-struck' just like everyone else."

David's discovering that he has some high-profile fans of his own, thanks to eye-catching videos, infectious radio tunes, numerous television appearances and in 1998, a national television commercial. He recently ran into a fellow artist who greeted him with, "There's Mr. Southwest Airlines!"

The national television spot for Southwest Airlines tells David's personal story...a young Texan travels back-and-forth to Nashville to make it in Country Music, without leaving his roots in the Lone Star State. "Unlike most commercials, "David says, "this is real. It's a true story."

When he wasn't in the studio recording IF I NEVER STOP LOVING YOU, David estimates he was home just 17 days from January through early December in '97. This year's schedule promises to be just as hectic, yet he's prepared. "It's a mindset. I know that by doing everything that is mapped out for me, I'm one step closer to that next level. I don't question it. I just go.

As you might expect of a road trouper, David has developed his own musical style. His traditional country sound mixes with a '90s touch that links today's generation to the wide-ranging roots of country music. Just listen to his rollickin' version of the classic Faron Young recorded and Willie Nelson penned song "Hello Walls" and you'll understand what David Kersh is all about. Throw in the Eric Clapton hit, "Wonderful Tonight" and you uncover David's endearing charm.

"I've always left myself wide open as far as the spectrum of country music today," he says. "I try ad cover all of it, because that's just me. That's why I do the rock 'n' roll in my live show, its very much a part of who I am."

"The legendary Buck Owens recently gave me some words of wisdom. 'Give the fans what they want. When I was in the house band at the Blackboard, Tutti Frutti was the hottest song around - and we learned it.' I will take those words to heart...and on stage with me every night."

"I cover a broad spectrum of music...which is a good reflection of who David Kersh is - there's a lot of me. That's why I'm dying to be in movies, I want to do more commercials, I want to shoot lots of videos, and I want to sing my kind of music."

"I don't want to be known as 'just the artist, David Kersh,' I want to be know as 'David Kersh, the artist who does everything.'"

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