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David Gray was born in Manchester in 1970. By The time he
was nine years old he had moved to Wales with his family
whew he was raised until he left to study at the University
of Liverpool. He began playing in punk bands where he lived
and also played in a few bands while at college where he
began to experiment with a more poetic form of writing.
After Liverpool he moved to London where he could be closer
to the action and the heart of the music business. Here. he
signed to Hut records in the UK and Caroline In the U.S.
His first More...

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Review about David Gray songs
prayer for david gray | Reviewer: laswaf
    ------ About the song Ain't No Love performed by David Gray

Mr Gray is extremely talented and I pray he finds God<3 and realize too that a talent like his is a God given gift.(HIS love definitely guides me...and I wouldn't be alive today if not for God's saving Grace.

David Gray is so depressing | Reviewer: James
    ------ About the song Babylon performed by David Gray

I used to find the music catchy, but it just makes you sick if you listen to too much. Every song is so depressing about love: "Why why why why why why?" Not just some songs, but every single song. Babylon is just one example. The complaining whiner about love life, that's David Gray. I mean even "This Year's Love" pleads for permanence but the song itself implies it's just temporary, as in "this year." Woeful. I heard this David Gray repeatedly over musak on a cruise ship recently and I wondered why they want to play such downer music.

beautiful song | Reviewer: count kyle
    ------ About the song It's Not Easy To Be Me performed by David Gray

as i am/was watching a movie called zoom:academy for superheros that is the song i love to listen to and it reminds me of me except the red sheet for me wearing more likely blue/purple merger kind of sheet guy.. Alas, but not the least i rather dream of having my superhero to be with me and protect me and I do every night and that super hero is Zeus Aphrodite Athena Hercules and other gods and goddess of Greece. I have always kept my wisdom and get wisdom everytime i go to bed and listen to Athena and even the SandMan is my hero and will always be my heros they are more than just heroes they are more like a family to me cuz they never let me down even if they do i will always keep my faith in them to encourage mankind to be less naive

The flow, the melody, ... | Reviewer: Hijat
    ------ About the song Babylon performed by David Gray

The first time i heard this song on a car radio while driving along the ocean. Now can't really express the feelings that erupted inside me... was it because of the ocean breeze or the flow and melody of the song or both? I honestly don't know. Worse still, that first time i heard it, it was finishing in the last chorus. Months passed and i heard it again on the car radio while again cruising along the same road, and nearly just about to reach the previous spot. Coincidence? Am just not sure - i rarely believe in coincidence. All in all, i just can't find out why i love the song!

So profound and beautiful... | Reviewer: Gabe Silverstone
    ------ About the song Dancing With David performed by David Gray

A lovely, lovely fantasy and expression of the beauty of love and romance. So profound and beautiful! It stopped me in my tracks. Mesmerizing. Thank you for bringing me back to the happiest moments of my life.

Amazing Lyrics... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Dancing With David performed by David Gray

As I listened to this song, it felt like I was dancing right along with Elizabeth and David, who were filled with pure joy when they realized that they had finally found the love of their life.

This song has had a profound effect on me. Thank you.

Babylon = Babel = Not being able to communicate = Broken heart | Reviewer: Raf
    ------ About the song Babylon performed by David Gray

Babylon is a name of a township or city, derived from the original name Babel. The Tower of Babel story (whether its fictional or true is up to you) is in the Bible. The citizens in Babel were architects and Geographers that proudly wanted to display their mathematical prowess by creating a tower that can reach the heavens. They were very close to being successful and god was not happy with this, so he made it so that no one could speak in their naive tongues anymore. So since all of the citizens now spoke different languages, they were no longer able to communicate and the tower was not built. I think David Gray is referencing this sense of being unable to communicate in a relationship. Both people in the relationship(citizens) maybe love each other and want an ultimate goal of a fulfilling relationship (tower that reaches the heavens), but because of ireconcilable differences they aren't able to make their relationship work (communicate).

YouTube Video | Reviewer: Smudge
    ------ About the song Ain't No Love performed by David Gray

There's a video on YouTube where he is performing and he states that a director contacted him and asked him to write a song based on a film he was working on. When he was given the script for inspiration, the plot was based around a young teenage mother stuck in a dead end rut.

I do do miss you | Reviewer: BOFFONNC
    ------ About the song The One I Love performed by David Gray

Reminds me of a man I loved who couldn't love back. The war references I don't take so literally--I take them to be symbols of this battle...one in love, and the loss of it--even if it was worth saving...I love this part" There's things I might have said
Only wish I could
Now I'm leaking life faster
Then I'm leaking blood "
-Things that should have been said--but they weren't. And the part at the start about the night's prayer...don't we all still pray for the one that got away, still has our heart, the ones we miss, wish we could have done it differently.
Perhaps this is just due to the time in my love life but this has always reminded me of the man I am in love with...but can't be with.

just a love song | Reviewer: peter
    ------ About the song Babylon performed by David Gray

Isn't this just about a lost and forgotten love? You just realize the mistake you have made. Spend a little more time, giving a little more attention. Never being able to communicated well (Babylon). But not. Now years later you realize the mistake being alone and hopeless (?)

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