David Gray Albums

  • Flesh Album
    What Are You?
    The Light
    Coming Down
    Falling Free
    Made Up My Mind
    Mystery Of Love
    New Horizons
    Loves Old Song

  • Life In Slow Motion Album
    The One I Love
    Nos Da Cariad
    Slow Motion
    From Here You Can Almost See The Sea
    Ain't No Love
    Hospital Food
    Now And Always
    Disappearing World

  • White Ladder Album
    Please Forgive Me
    My Oh My
    We're Not Right
    Silver Lining
    White Ladder
    This Years Love
    Sail Away
    Say Hello Wave Goodbye

  • Sell Sell Sell Album
    Faster, Sooner, Now
    Late Night Radio
    Sell Sell Sell
    Hold On To Nothing
    Only The Lonely
    What Am I Doing Wrong?
    Gutters Full Of Rain
    Forever Is Tommorow Is Today
    Folk Song

  • Mutineers Album (6/17/2014)
  • Foundling Album (8/16/2010)
  • Draw The Line Album (9/14/2009)
  • A New Day at Midnight Album (11/5/2002)
  • The EP's 92-94 Album (7/10/2001)
  • Lost Songs Album (4/17/2001)
  • A Century Ends Album (6/1/1993)

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    Reviews about David Gray albums

    No Regrets | Reviewer: patrick ramirez
        ------ About the album White Ladder performed by David Gray

    This is a good one. i have not bought or listened to much of toda music since i was a kid back in late 60's and 70's. Always love blues and classic rock. I saw a movie about three years ago "The Girl Next Door" and heard the song i now recognize as This Years Love. I like it then as i still do. The while on vacation with my brother we watched the above movie again and I told him I really like this song. Later that evening he introduced me to White Ladder,I Liked the album instantly. There were so many familiar but never heard before melodies I felt myself helplessly drawn to David's knack for weaving his soothing lryics into our own lives. Its worth buying

    A classic album | Reviewer: Lola
        ------ About the album White Ladder performed by David Gray

    I don't know how to describe this album, actually, now that i think about it...i was introduced to david gray thru a friend, who played me "Babylon" and it just makes you feel good. That song makes you wanna frolick for some reason. "This Year's Love" is unbelievably wonderful - i easily get sick of songs if i listen to them constantly and i totally know this, so when i listen to cds, i usually skip that song i am sick of. so i listened to "This Year's Love" and it was love at first hearing but then, in my mind, i was saying 'oh dear, you're gonna love this song too much that you'll get sick of it and never listen to it again', but, i find that i can always just back to after a hard day or when i'm feelin down. the melody just makes sense and the piano just weaves its vibrations around your heart. Other favourites are "Please Forgive Me" and "Sail Away"...(sigh) i just love this album. I could throw away all my other cds and just keep this one and i'd be totally satisfied for my whole life. Its just so human. You feel like you've written the songs yourself and that's what makes Mr Gray so good. God, i could on forever on this album, but i'll leave you now. Just buy it man, its bloody brilliant. Believe me, you'll be hooked. PEACE Y'ALL!

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