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David Gates was best known as the leader of the 70’s soft rock group Bread. During High school, David formed a band called David Gates and the Accents with a piano player by the name of Russell Bridges-later to be known as Leon Russell. After leaving the University of Tulsa and traveling to Los Angeles, he played the club circuit with Leon. Besides being a great session player proficient on several instruments, Gates could also write charts, lead sheets and sing background. He arranged, wrote and produced for Glen Campbell, Ann-Margaret, Bobby Darin, Glen Yarbrough and Rod McKuen before forming the Group Bread. He made 16 albums and earned several gold records. Bread broke up and David launched a solo career recording Good-bye Girl for a Neil Simon film. He rejoined Bread for another album, but has not written much or per- formed since. David lives in California with his high school sweetheart and wife Jo- Rita and their two children.

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Good Artist | Reviewer: Nor | 8/1/14

David I really like your voice and a good artist.I like your smile. My favorite song is Goodbye girl my husband dedicate that song to me. I like the song A sweet surrender and Lost without your love I always listening to your song and I never get tired.. I think you are romantic person because the way you compose your songs the Lyrics is so deep... I never see you in person when you going to have a concert? I wish you luck and your family

songwriter | Reviewer: Yolanta | 7/17/14

During the winter of 1972 I heard the song Everything I Own playing on the radio and immediately took a liking to it. That particular song is a favorite of mine. Also, I enjoy The Guitar Man and the guitar solo done by Larry Knechtel. Larry was a gifted keyboardist and bass player and he got his lick right on that song and all the others he played. Bread was a favorite in the 70s, 80s, 90s and to the present time. Mr. Gates you wrote music that is timeless and easy and pleasing to listen to. Thank you so much for writing and recording and sharing those songs with us. God Bless you with health and a long life.

Best hits ever | Reviewer: Anna Fiona | 4/4/14

David, I want to thank you for such wonderful songs.
When I'm feeling down and ready to give up and I listen
To your musics, it immediately takes me back to those
Good old days, I remember my life and figure I gotta
Go on again, it's not all that bad. My favorite song is
Everything I Own.. God bless you always for your
Beautiful songs and their meanings. Your a simple
Man and living your life the way we all should be. Takecare
David and thank you.

It's the voice | Reviewer: Stephen Khng | 2/21/14

Hello David,
I love to listen to your songs as they have great meanings, melodious and are cool.
You are blessed with such creative talent and a sexy, cool voice to boot.
I wish you good health and hope to hear you live again in Singapore.

Ditto! | Reviewer: Payge Collins | 2/22/14

I can't sleep at night..guess what helps me most after much doctoring-"Aubry" on repeat iPod-I'm 47 and living in the modern world but that blast from the past song is so soothing…would love to hear David Gates perform at a small venue..would travel!

Tour,tour please tour. Come to ireland | Reviewer: Tim Fitzgerald | 2/7/14

Loved ( still love) the sound of bread for many years. I am hoping to see you in person on a stage performing those magical songs which live with me every day. We're only on this earth for a short time so make the best of it while we can. Come on David, get on that plane and get on a stage and do what you do. So many people know your music, show them how you do it. How well you've done it for years. I'll be the guy sining my heart out at the front of the stage with my banner " welcome to Ireland .....

70s | Reviewer: teenagernomore | 11/18/13

My older sister had your album, and we would listen to Bread over and over and over on her record player. For some reason, "It Don't Matter" to me came into my head tonight and I decided to Google "David Gates" and see whatever happened to you. That you have four successful children and are still married to the same woman, is quite a feat considering the music business and how popular the group was in its time. So happy to know that about you. My memories of this group take me all the way back to my childhood, and the few happy times we had as kids.

Jeromi | Reviewer: Jeromi | 10/12/13

David is one of the greatest celebrity in music industry..everybody loves your songs...god bless you David ,hope one day I'm goons see on stage with a big crowds singing your everlasting work of art.

Songwriter | Reviewer: Robin Chetty | 8/16/13

Youre the best Dave ...from another world
Im also a musician and wish to God I was born in your time
met with you and had just one jam.....(would have loved to be the sith member of Bread .....would have done just to be ...
not for any monetary gains ....

Maybe the next lifetime

God bless

Greatest Singer Songwriter | Reviewer: Brian Fournier | 4/10/13

You are the best. In a time when music is far too electronic and overdone, I listen to your songs and think, why can't this be done today. If you would tour again, I would be there listening, because that is a lost art as well. Today most listen with their mouths open. Please consider another tour.

Thank you for those wonderful songs.

many great memories when i hear your songs | Reviewer: vinny riotto | 2/4/13

Many people greatly miss your work and performing. Its sad the other members are gone. It would be absolutely wonderful to see a David Gates tour one day. I m sure it would make a part of certain people awaken and come alive. Hope one day you consider it, David. Well, Hope all is well... God Bless...

Feelings no one else gives me | Reviewer: Marie Aguilar | 12/12/11

David Gates, no one brings out the feelings I feel when I listen to you. Watching and listening to you sing gives me a yearning that I have not found in my life. Watching you perform "Anything I own" nearly makes me cry. The feelings you bring out in me are intense. Thank you for your beautiful gift.

DAVID GATES | Reviewer: JANIS JOHNSON | 7/15/11


Overlooked songs | Reviewer: Tom Seelbach | 2/11/11

The Rhino Records Bread retrospective is timeless solid gold. I especially love it for the cuts I never remembered hearing in my youth. The "epic" cuts were well-known in their time - Been Too Long On The Road, Clouds, Lost Without Your Love. Less heard cuts deserving many listens: Call On Me, Call On Me and Look At Me.

I will never forget | Reviewer: norm | 11/11/10

I am just one of your fans who still misses you and the group. My wife and I saw you and bread at
anahiem convention ctr. One of best concerts I have ever been to.We will never forget your gresa songs. My favorite is look what you've done and everything I own. Again thanks for some great music and memories.

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