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David Cook currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but grew
up in Blue Springs, Missouri. Born in Houston, Cook
graduated from Central Missouri State University in 2006.
He discovered his knack for singing in the 2nd grade. David
is pursuing a solo career and released one album, Analog
Heart, which earned him an URBY for "Indie Album of the
Year". David was also previously a member of two bands,
Midwest Kings and More...

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AMAZING | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Truth performed by David Cook

An amazing solo effort. He did all the instrumentations (except for drums) by over dubbing his own guitar and bass guitar tracks, he did all the vocals (lead AND backup) harmonizing with himself, he produced it and even did the album cover art himself. Considering the shoestring budget this is truly a wonderful album. Best of all, his songwriting skills show he's a true artist. The choruses from at least half of the tracks will occupy your head for days. I dare you to listen to "The Truth" or "Don't Say a Word" and not have those songs drumming through yoru mind hour after hour. I can only imagine what a spectacular album this would be if it was redone with a Hollywood makeover (not overproduced, but it could use some sweetening). Since the mid-point of American Idol, Cook has lived in his mid-tenor range, but on every AH track he sticks to his pre-Idol baritone range in every song. I would love to hear some of the songs sung in his higher octave ranges with some good back-up vocalist complimenting him. That would make this album an A+. As it is, I give it an A-

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