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A consummate musical chameleon, David Bowie created a
career in the Sixties and Seventies that featured his many
guises: folksinger, androgyne, alien, decadent, blue-eyed
soul man, modern rock star-each one spawning a league of
imitators. His late-Seventies collaborations with Brian Eno
made Bowie one of the few older stars to be taken seriously
by the new wave. In the Eighties, Let's Dance (#1, 1983),
his entree into the mainstream, was followed by attempts to
keep up with current trends.

David Jones took up the saxophone at age 13, More...

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Review about David Bowie songs
Helden | Reviewer: wok
    ------ About the song "Helden" performed by David Bowie

The long version of the song starts and ends with English, German in the middle. There is an edit (which I think can be found on the Sound + Vision box set) which is similar to English language single edit and contains only the German vocal part. Not sure if it is the single or long version on the German edition of the Best of Bowie but there is a digital "Heroes" single which also has the French language version of this song (again starts and ends with English and has the middle part in French). Try 7digital.

Homoerotic love | Reviewer: Joe Bell
    ------ About the song Saviour Machine performed by David Bowie

This album is about Bowie's experimentation with guys during the late sixties and early seventies. During this period he first realized he was into guys, and not just black chicks. This is the time when he made his first move. He first played pitcher, but then, as things progressed, and the album (you know what I mean) got more hard and intense, with more crazy riffs, he was also the catcher. The album basically focuses on an orgy he had with 50 guys and 2 chicks in a villa in Spain, in an abandoned monastery.

Really Bowie 'fans' | Reviewer: P Joker B
    ------ About the song My Death performed by David Bowie

A lot of misinformation and misinterpretation of this song.
As has been mentioned it's a cover of a transalation (Alive and Well and Living in Paris) of a Jacques Brel song (as was Amsterdam; and surely you have noticed the striking resemblance between Rock n Roll Suicide and Jacques Brel's "Jeff"?).
The song is sung by Ziggy as a tribute.
It is available on 'The Motion Picture' and also 'Santa Monica 1972' (and the 'B' side of Sorrow). It was not on the original album 'Pin ups' but appeared on later CD releases.
There is also a weird live version (much updated) on you tube, worth a look.

Inspiring Song and movie 'Life of Walter Mitty' | Reviewer: Shima
    ------ About the song Major Tom performed by David Bowie

It was a great song when first listen to it. It is so encourage when Walter Mitty in the movie run and hop on to the helicopter. Congratulation to the movie making us inspired in life.

Perfect song for Walter Mitty | Reviewer: Clarence
    ------ About the song Major Tom performed by David Bowie

Wow, what a perfect song choice for that scene of the movie. That scene is absolutely perfect !! From him being afraid to ride the helicopter; to the girl of his dreams singing him the song to encourage him; and right as the line hits "God's love be with you", and her facial expression telling him "It's time." Then Ben Stiller's facial expression to commit and do it !!

Then Ben Stiller's facial expression after successfully taking the leap of faith the song is perfectly timed to start the chorus. Ben Stiller's facial expression after the successful leap is absolutely great !

I was able to to feel Walter Mitty's transformation from before the jump to after the jump ! He did it ! And the song perfectly relays the message.

Absolutely perfect ! everything about that scene is perfect !!! Great job Ben Stiller !!

Inspiring !

Walter Mitty and Major Tom | Reviewer: Re Cruz
    ------ About the song Major Tom performed by David Bowie

I love the song Major Tom and the movie.. Secret Life of Walter Mitty. For me it's very great movie to watch and it's inspire people to be not afraid to go into adventurous.
thank you Ben Stiller for the movie....

Walter Mitty & Major Tom | Reviewer: Faisal Amin
    ------ About the song Major Tom performed by David Bowie

First of all thanks to david bowie for this amazing adorable song "Major Tom" and to ben stiller for an amazing movie walter mitty. The way he used the song in the movie, i just loved the song with the first line.....love you ben stiller and david bowie....

Major Tom / Walter Mitty | Reviewer: Mimma
    ------ About the song Major Tom performed by David Bowie

Took a while to get into the Walter Mitty film, but now it is one of my all time favorites. Helped by hearing my all time favorite song by David Bowie - Major Tom. What more could I ask for?

fack orrf | Reviewer: Jonathan Hughston
    ------ About the song I Would Be Your Slave performed by David Bowie

The rhythmic sample in the background throughout this marvelously arranged and structured pin song , sounds as total antithesis to its lyrical flat planed meaning. Is he teasing the words "fack orf" through an effects box? Throughout the entire Ballard? RSVP

Drugs? Yes! Sincere? Yes! | Reviewer: Al Arch
    ------ About the song Young Americans performed by David Bowie

The frantic delivery sounds like coke and booze are present, but does he mean what he sings? Absolutely!

The song is a trip even if you are not taking drugs - it fascinated me as a kid, and I still listen to it. I am a Brit, as is DB, and I had never been to the USA when I first heard it.

I have been since, many times, and I love the country and the people I've met. But I still feel that many Americans are scared to confront their past. In the UK, the same stage of racism was in the 1950s, when the country needed cheep workers to rebuild the UK after the war. But by the 70s, racism still existed, but the TV could at least joke about it, so it couldn't simple be pushed under the carpet.

Middle-class white people in white-collars jobs could joke about it , but they couldn't deny or avoid it. Racism, even subtle racism, became nasty. It still happened, and it's still here, but at least the mainstream of educated people are less likely to feel true racism. My father used to talk about black and brown people with horrible names that made me shake my head and protest. Of course, he would never have burnt down a "wrong church" - it wasn't what he had been brought up to do.

Now he has Alzheimer's disease, and what surprises me is that he no longer makes offish jokes about race with black and brown nurses who help him. That tells me his former racism was learned rather than innate.

I am actually closer to him now than before.

I don't expect intelligent people in the UK below a certain age to express racism out-loud. That's a good start, at least.

I have met educated people in the USA recently, not only in the deep South, who have said nasty things about people of another colour to them, and it does seem to be a discussible subject as far as they are concerned, and that shocks me.

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