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A consummate musical chameleon, David Bowie created a
career in the Sixties and Seventies that featured his many
guises: folksinger, androgyne, alien, decadent, blue-eyed
soul man, modern rock star-each one spawning a league of
imitators. His late-Seventies collaborations with Brian Eno
made Bowie one of the few older stars to be taken seriously
by the new wave. In the Eighties, Let's Dance (#1, 1983),
his entree into the mainstream, was followed by attempts to
keep up with current trends.

David Jones took up the saxophone at age 13, More...

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Review about David Bowie songs
nice version on you tube | Reviewer: Michelle
    ------ About the song "Helden" performed by David Bowie

I'm a longtime bowie fan. I have mixed feelings about his recording of Helden, and many of the covers. There is a really lovely cover by Andrea Schroeder on you tube though. I recommend people check it out

The Man Who Stole The World | Reviewer: Cletis Ray Evans(a Lad Insane)
    ------ About the song The Man Who Sold The World performed by David Bowie

Song Is About A Lost Friend Who Never Makes It To The Concert They First Met With Lsd In Their Eyes It Was Ziggy Who Died The Man Who Sold The World A Pack Of Lies :)

Majestic and bitternsweet | Reviewer: Cynthia Wales
    ------ About the song Within YOu performed by David Bowie

In this part of he film I am so absorbed in the scene because it is a sad moment but it makes me burst with pride because Labyrinth is a movie everyone will love but I love this scene because it has this pull whenever I hear this song I want to just stop moving or going to school or ding anything but listening to this song until I can't bear to listen anymore It is a very sad bittersweet majestic moment that I love more then I can say because the truth is I can'

love the movie | Reviewer: Cynthia Wales
    ------ About the song Within YOu performed by David Bowie

I love the song because not only s it because I like the the singer but also because the song just pulls me in which when you listen to it wraps in its very core which for me makes me want to listen to this song 9 trillion more times because I'll be honest I love music because it makes me feel like I'll live forever in a beautiful well developed world where there is music that makes me feel unexplainable and happy.

now people like this song | Reviewer: scott F. Castor
    ------ About the song Major Tom performed by David Bowie

when daved first came out with this song people didn''t like it it was to me a song that help people move on from living in fear to doing thing they would never do before . I have been a very big fan of Daved's for year's and as a young man always in trouble for one thing or anther . it show me that I can be a better person if I try the only person I need to make happy is myself trying to make other's happy will never happened but we need to see how truly strong we are . When your down play this song

Moonage Daydream Awesomeness | Reviewer: GMK
    ------ About the song Moonage Daydream performed by David Bowie

Just been to see the Guardians of the Universe 1 movie and was totally blown away when this track started up for the hero's arrival at Knowhere. Brought a shiver down my spine! Perfection.

White Christmas II | Reviewer: Daniel J Morgan
    ------ About the song Peace On Earth - Little Drummer Boy performed by David Bowie

I have high hopes for humanity. I cried each and every time I heard the remarkable effort put forth by two of stardoms brightest. I will cherish the final results and a glimmer of faith. RIP Bing.
Daniel J. Morgan

Helden | Reviewer: wok
    ------ About the song "Helden" performed by David Bowie

The long version of the song starts and ends with English, German in the middle. There is an edit (which I think can be found on the Sound + Vision box set) which is similar to English language single edit and contains only the German vocal part. Not sure if it is the single or long version on the German edition of the Best of Bowie but there is a digital "Heroes" single which also has the French language version of this song (again starts and ends with English and has the middle part in French). Try 7digital.

Homoerotic love | Reviewer: Joe Bell
    ------ About the song Saviour Machine performed by David Bowie

This album is about Bowie's experimentation with guys during the late sixties and early seventies. During this period he first realized he was into guys, and not just black chicks. This is the time when he made his first move. He first played pitcher, but then, as things progressed, and the album (you know what I mean) got more hard and intense, with more crazy riffs, he was also the catcher. The album basically focuses on an orgy he had with 50 guys and 2 chicks in a villa in Spain, in an abandoned monastery.

Really Bowie 'fans' | Reviewer: P Joker B
    ------ About the song My Death performed by David Bowie

A lot of misinformation and misinterpretation of this song.
As has been mentioned it's a cover of a transalation (Alive and Well and Living in Paris) of a Jacques Brel song (as was Amsterdam; and surely you have noticed the striking resemblance between Rock n Roll Suicide and Jacques Brel's "Jeff"?).
The song is sung by Ziggy as a tribute.
It is available on 'The Motion Picture' and also 'Santa Monica 1972' (and the 'B' side of Sorrow). It was not on the original album 'Pin ups' but appeared on later CD releases.
There is also a weird live version (much updated) on you tube, worth a look.

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