David Bowie Albums

  • The Next Day Album (3/12/2013)
    The Next Day
    Dirty Boys
    The Stars (Are Out Tonight)
    Love Is Lost
    Where Are We Now?
    Valentine's Day
    If You Can See Me
    I'd Rather Be High
    Boss Of Me
    Dancing Out In Space
    How Does The Grass Grow?
    (You Will) Set The World On Fire
    You Feel So Lonely You Could Die
    Bonus Tracks
    So She
    I'll Take You There
    God Bless The Girl

  • Reality Album (9/16/2003)
    New Killer Star
    Pablo Picasso
    Never Get Old
    The Loneliest Guy
    Looking For Water
    She'll Drive The Big Car
    Fall Dog Bombs The Moon
    Try Some, Buy Some
    Bring Me The Disco King

  • Heathen Album (6/10/2002)
    Slip Away
    Slow Burn
    I've Been Waiting For You
    I Would Be Your Slave
    I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spacecraft
    5:15 The Angels Have Gone
    Everyone Says 'Hi'
    A Better Future
    Heathen (The Rays)

  • Hours Album (10/5/1999)
    Brilliant Adevnture
    If I'm Dreaming My Life
    New Angels Of Promise
    Something In The Air
    The Dreamers
    The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell
    Thursday's Child
    What's Really Happening

  • Tonight Album (9/28/1999)
  • I Dig Everything-1966 Pye Sing Album (8/10/1999)
  • David Bowie (1998) Album (4/28/1998)
  • Deram Anthology 1966-68 Album (3/1/1997)
  • Earthling Album (2/11/1997)
  • Outside Album (9/26/1995)
  • Early On (1964-66) Album (3/1/1991)
  • Pin Ups (1990) Album (7/9/1990)
  • Never Let Me Down Album (3/1/1987)
  • Let's Dance Album (3/1/1983)
  • Scary Monsters Album (3/1/1980)
  • Lodger Album (3/1/1979)
  • Low Album (3/1/1977)
  • Heroes Album (3/1/1977)
  • Station To Station Album (3/1/1976)
  • Young Americans Album (3/1/1975)
  • Diamond Dogs Album (3/1/1974)
  • Aladdin Sane Album (3/1/1973)
  • Pin Ups Album (3/1/1973)
  • Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust Album (3/1/1972)
  • Hunky Dory Album (3/1/1972)
  • Man Who Sold The World Album (3/1/1970)
  • Space Oddity Album (3/1/1969)
  • David Bowie Album (3/1/1967)

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    Reviews about David Bowie albums
    A Child Comes Of Age | Reviewer: John
        ------ About the album Aladdin Sane performed by David Bowie

    This album sold me on David Bowie for life in '73. It was my older brothers, I was 10 and it blew me away. The second Ziggy album, written while touring The States. He takes us on a tour of the seedy if not apocalyptic side of American cities like New York-The Jean Genie and Detroit-Panic in Detroit. Just look at the dates on the title track 1913,1939,197? The first 2 dates before both World Wars. The late and great Mick Ronson's guitar work is raunchier as he plays along with the saxophone. Mike Garson on piano is added to the band, and is back playing with Bowie now. His jazz piano just adds to the seediness. Listen to it on a warm balmy evening in the dark. Brilliant,brilliant album!

    first and still the best | Reviewer: gn
        ------ About the album Diamond Dogs performed by David Bowie

    This is the first album I ever bought ($3.75 second-hand at Ashwoods Sydney), at the age of 12 in 1976, and is still my favourite (I have over 900 cd's in my collection). Originally meant to be a musical version of George Orwell's 1984, it contains one Bowie's best rave songs, Rebel Rebel - inspired by Julia from the book. Future Legend/Bewitched segeuing into Diamond Dogs (with a little help from the Faces' live album crowd noise) is a killer start for an album, followed by the monstrous set of Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (reprise) - a great encapsulation of Winston Smith's life in the book before he met Julia. The next track is the aforementioned Rebel Rebel. Rock and Roll With Me opens the second side of the original album, and represents a slowing of the tempo, followed by We Are The Dead - a return to the book when Winston and Julia are arrested by the Thought Police. 1984 follows, which was a sign of the disco/soul orientation to come on Bowie's next album (Young Americans in 1975). The final tracks are Big Brother/Chant of the Evercircling Skeletal Family (who thinks of song titles like that these days???) - fans of the Big Brother reality show should read Orwell's book to find where the term really came from. These tracks represent Winston's final confrontation and submission in the book. As with any Bowie album, I would recommend that person listening to his music give it at least two listens, and check the lyrics whilst listening. You'll find the experience well worth your while. I can't think of a better album to introduce you to the music of David Jones, aka Bowie.

    One of David's Best | Reviewer: Tomas
        ------ About the album Reality performed by David Bowie

    I love HEROES. Ever since I heard it in the '70s it has been the standard by which I have judged Bowie's other works. I suppose this is an unfair thing, since it would be like comparing King Crimson's DISCIPLINE to their first album (anyone remember that album? No?).

    HEROES had Eno on it... And Eno is the best producer, bar none. Had to be great, right?

    Then LOW crossed my path... from the movie "The Man Who Fell To Earth." LOW wasn't anything like the movie... better, in fact. It was a warm up to HEROES; silly in spots, brilliant in others.

    STATION TO STATION preceded LOW, so I was going back in time... pretty good. But not HEROES. As soon as I ran into the glam crap - Ziggy and all that - I hit a wall. Unlistenable garbage.

    OK, you like the glam stuff. Fine.

    For m,e I stopped right there. LET'S DANCE pretty much showed me Bowie was a chameleon, but I didn't like the way he was headed. How could the man who made HEROES make disco? THE LODGER should have been a warning....

    So I ignored Bowie for a long time.

    Then I heard REALITY. My jaw dropped (figuratively speaking, I know). Wait. Could it be THIS good? Had Bowie had morphed back to a real artist again?

    OK, let's try HEATHEN then. Wow. Fantastic. Go back a little further.. some misses.. well, mostly misses.

    So what happened to get HEATHEN and REALITY? Hard to say. Bowie's's a brilliant man, one of the most intelligent in the business. Interestingly, the producer for REALITY is the same man who produced HEROES... a coincidence? No.

    Bowie was off course, so he brought in a man who could put him back on course. And he did.

    REALITY is, simply put, the Best Bowie album since HEROES (give HEATHEN a #3 nod...). Great songs, great lyrics, great production, and a fantastic return to form.

    Just listen to it. It will grab you.

    And not let go.


    One of Bowie's Best | Reviewer: ab
        ------ About the album Diamond Dogs performed by David Bowie

    This album was loosely based on the book '1984' by George Orwell. It and the tour were supposed to be much more elaborate but Orwell's widow wouldn't give Bowie the rights to the book so he had to re-write much of it.

    It was just the rise | Reviewer: Charlz
        ------ About the album Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust performed by David Bowie

    The greatest album in the glam rock history, it could be only created by the genius Mr. David Bowie.
    Such a marvelous wat to tell us the story of Ziggy Stardust a left hand guitarist who as the saviour of the world.
    In every song of the album you find a masterpiece creation, a poem surrounded by a melody that seems to be composed by the angels.
    Down from the news of the end of our world, taking us to the arrival of Ziggy, and up to his tragical death (maybe because the kids killed him or a Rock'n'Roll suicide) The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust is a piece of heaven in vynil.

    David Bowie Still an Artist | Reviewer: Raymond
        ------ About the album Reality performed by David Bowie

    It is interesting to compare David Bowie to other stars. As opposed to most other musicians who acheived stardom, not only from the 70's but any era you can't help but notice how they manage to produce such flare and talent and then just let it go, sacrifice any self dignity and the start producing rubbish as they slowly burn out into charchol.David Bowie, on the other hand, has managed to become refined over time and has become ever more poetic.

    When I went out to purchase the CD I asked the music shop dude what He thought about it and he said in this ambiguously that he didn't like it and that his old stuff was better. But being impressed by Heathen I decide that maybe this guy needs tolisten to stuff that is impressive to the person that doesn't understand what his songs are about but has some idea and therefore can use it to impress hippy chicks at rallies with his intellect.

    So, what Am I saying? Well it's good, extremely enjoyable to listen, and you'll have the music and lyrics bouncing around in your head for days. It's good to see that there are people out there that have the balls write whatever they want and not bend over to popular demand or not cave in because they arn't as famous as they use to be. Would have loved to see te tour but my stupid bitch arse girlfriend stole my tickets and sold them when I broke up with her.

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