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David James Archuleta is a Honduran American with dark
brown hair and hazel eyes who was born on December 28, 1990
in Miami, Florida, USA. He is most known for being the
runner-up in the 7th season of American Idol. Critics and
fans alike call him a singing prodigy due to his early
development and talent in singing. He has a growing fan
base due to his numerous appearances on television talent
shows like American Idol and Star Search. David sings Pop,
R&B and Soul More...

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Review about David Archuleta songs
wonderful song wit ur wonderful voice n wonderful meaning too... | Reviewer: jst cannot stop..
    ------ About the song Crush performed by David Archuleta

when i listen to this song...i'm really runnning out of control coz this lyrics is encounting the same story m going through..m running short of words to express my appreciation to david for coming up with wonderful song with wonderful meaninng....really like..it

Touching <3 song... | Reviewer: Jessi lovly
    ------ About the song Crush performed by David Archuleta

Awesome song to hear when in tym of crush... I jst wish my boyfriend would sing this song infront of me one day.... U know when i sing this song infront of my friends they usually laugh bcoz they don't know english so i got to this song alone by myself at home turning on the music box so loud ....i love david archuleta...

love u archuleta..!! | Reviewer: vilivi.aye
    ------ About the song Crush performed by David Archuleta

i loove... the song crushhhh..... alot.....nt only da song but i luv david archuleta too.....thr r no wrds to exprs bout ths song....just feel it wit ur heart....u'll feel ds same no wrds...u'll b speechles too...ths song is dedicated to my cm punk......

Just cant Stop........ | Reviewer: ArchuletaLover
    ------ About the song Crush performed by David Archuleta

I ABSOLUTELY love this song.No matter how old it becomes,I'll always love it.Not that it happens every time u listen to a song.The feeling that comes with the song is wonderful.I love it and i just can't stop.

steph03 | Reviewer: Stephanie Rose
    ------ About the song A Little Too Not Over You performed by David Archuleta

this song reminds me of my ex-boyfriend ..:(( ..im still not yet over him ..i still love him so much ..:(( ..i dont know what should i do ..:(( ..he doesnt want to be with me again because he doesnt want to hurt me again but what he dont know is that he's hurting me more because of that ..:(( ..haAyy ..i want him back ..

so true | Reviewer: alan lover
    ------ About the song You Can performed by David Archuleta

this is how i feel about my bf, alan. ive always been thought of the "unlucky one." no one ever anted to get to know me. i was lost and alone, but alan is the only one that made me see that i mean something to the world! i love him soooo much!

Love it | Reviewer: Emilie
    ------ About the song Something 'Bout Love performed by David Archuleta

Although i m not a big fan of pop music, i love this song cause i think i m in love and David sounds great and i love him......... This song gives me hope for love. And this is the best song of David and also the song CRUSH.

So Me! | Reviewer: Ella_eNchanted
    ------ About the song Crush performed by David Archuleta

ArchuLeta seems Like sing this song 2 describe what i'm feeling now. I'm trying so hard 2 teLL my boyfriend the truth,, that i'm in Love with someone eLse..my friend.
Thank ArchuLeta,, I reaLLy Like n Love ur soNg.

Wow!what a song | Reviewer: S....@@..k...@@@...r....
    ------ About the song Crush performed by David Archuleta

I'm from country nepal and here the people do not listen the english song more but this song had really become a hit in nepal.whenever i listen to this song..i don't like to listen the other english song.This song is the only one song which is favourite of mine..God bless u archuleta...take care..

My fave song :) | Reviewer: Sinner
    ------ About the song To Be With You performed by David Archuleta

This song reflects exactly where i am in my life right now..all i have wanted for the last 6 yrs is to be with the guy i love. Sometimes perfect love doesnt come in perfect circumstances. Even though him and i have been seperated for months, i hope and pray everyday that i will get the chance to show him how much he means to me. If ur reading this u know who u r.. plz contact me xxx

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