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6 September 1939, Akron, Ohio, USA. From the age of nine,
Coe was in and out of reform schools, correction centers
and prisons. According to his publicity handout, he spent
time on Death Row after killing a fellow inmate who
demanded oral sex. When Rolling Stone magazine questioned
this, Coe responded with a song, 'I'd Like To Kick The Shit
Out Of You'. Whatever the truth of the matter, Coe was
paroled in 1967 and took his songs about prison life to
Shelby Singleton who released two albums on his SSS label.
Coe wrote Tanya Tucker's More...

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Review about David Allan Coe songs
The choice is yours | Reviewer: Mad dog
    ------ About the song Nigger Fucker performed by David Allan Coe

If you don't like it, don't listen. I ain't no racist or condone racism. But if a song pisses u off, don't listen to it. If u don't like the writer, don't read the book. If the food sucks, don't eat there again. Basically quit yer bitchin

now ya know | Reviewer: Knuckles Deep
    ------ About the song Nigger Fucker performed by David Allan Coe

I wasn't raised to hate people because their ancestors were from a different part of the world then mine. As a result I have no understanding of where these types of feelings come from within the human heart. To make these statements a person would have to really believe them or be making a strong parody about american culture.
I do not believe this to be a parody and I do believe it is an attempt at humor amongst the culture who believe the same way. It's ugly and even overboard for a racist. It's a shame that I live with and a disappointment to me. I want to be part of a species that wont oppress anyone and allows everyone to be accepted for however they were born.
There is one positive in this, I have to thank David Allen Coe for standing up to who he is. It is brave to put these things on record and send it out into the public. Now when I look behind me sir I will know what to do when I see you coming. I appreciate that you have come out into the open and I have a choice (based on your own admissions) as to how I'm going to deal with you.
There is no worse fear than that of the unknown, David Allen Coe is a known racist. Now I know not to lament him when he dies in a firey car crash. Good riddence sir, thank you for not being a two faced liar. Now close your eyes and floor it into a brickwall we don't need you here this planet.

The truth isn't always pretty. | Reviewer: Panna
    ------ About the song If That Aint Country performed by David Allan Coe

This song isn't written to not offend, but just the opposite. Real life is offensive all day long. I love this song. I'm from the South - born and bred - and to David Allan - thanks for keeping real life in your songs. The "N" is offensive to many, yet no other word would have given you the image David Allan was trying to give you. It's truth and anything less would have been a lie.

NWA? Really? | Reviewer: Tony Montana
    ------ About the song Nigger Fucker performed by David Allan Coe

It's fucking funny how you motherfuckers think NWA is some sort of Bureaucratic Board of Black People. Who gives a fuck what a controversial musical group feels? Where the hell did they do this cover song? Kentucky? The Ozarks? You fuckers wouldn't agree with shit NWA had to say, and you hate them too, but you're gonna use them as a positive source for this racist cracker? Please!!!

plagiarism | Reviewer: Uncle Fred Wilson
    ------ About the song I Love Robbin' Banks performed by David Allan Coe

This song was written by Jeffrey Frederick. It's on youtube with an earlier
recording date. There are some changes to the lyrics but the main theme can be obviously seen. Not the first time Coe was involved in separating something from its rightful owner.

Foreplay 101 | Reviewer: Slick Willie
    ------ About the song Fuckin in the Butt performed by David Allan Coe

Thank you Mr. Coe for your insightful and educational tune titled Fuckin in the Butt. I for one have never had the opportunity to dive head first into this subject as my 22 year old wife of 10 years came to me uneducated and yet broken in by her white Alabama trailer trash family. When I first asked if she was sexually active she responded with "no I pretty much just lie there till my daddy says he's done." I hope this will add many hours of sweaty butt sex to our marriage.

Thats not even the words | Reviewer: DAC Fan
    ------ About the song If That Aint Country performed by David Allan Coe

I think it's called working like a nigger for my room and board. And its a period in american history. Like any other time. Like now for example. You dont listen to rap because of it.

Three time loser,David Alan Coe, opinion of mine | Reviewer: Dwaine Johnson
    ------ About the song Three Time Loser performed by David Allan Coe

David Alan Coe is a great songwriter, and singer. Three time loser is one of my favorite songs. Never heard it on the radio, but his music is very controversial. I am not racist, or homophobic, but some of his songs are. None the less, David Alan Coe is one of my favorite singers, of all time...

Don't like the words? | Reviewer: fan
    ------ About the song If That Aint Country performed by David Allan Coe

Sorry this song has the word "nigger" -- Seems like people forgot the phrase "Working like a nigger" and what it means. If you can't deal, hit the skip button, but this song is genius, with or without the N word.

Great Song | Reviewer: Cowboy
    ------ About the song If That Aint Country performed by David Allan Coe

@notafan If you dont like the words of the song, dont listen to it. Its art. You wouldnt tell Picasso to use a different color, so dont tell a songwriter to use a different word just cuz you dont like it. This song is great. Lyrics are some of the truest I ever heard.

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