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6 September 1939, Akron, Ohio, USA. From the age of nine, Coe was in and out of reform schools, correction centers and prisons. According to his publicity handout, he spent time on Death Row after killing a fellow inmate who demanded oral sex. When Rolling Stone magazine questioned this, Coe responded with a song, 'I'd Like To Kick The Shit Out Of You'. Whatever the truth of the matter, Coe was paroled in 1967 and took his songs about prison life to Shelby Singleton who released two albums on his SSS label. Coe wrote Tanya Tucker's 1974 US country number 1, 'Would You Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stone)?'. He took to calling himself Davey Coe - the Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy, performing in a mask, and driving a hearse. He satirized the themes of country music with hilarious additions to Steve Goodman's 'You Never Even Called Me By My Name', but has often used the clich├ęs himself. His defiant stance and love of motorbikes, multiple tattoos and ultra-long hair made him a natural 'Nashville outlaw', which he wrote about in the self-glorifying 'Longhaired Redneck' and 'Willie, Waylon And Me'. In 1978 Johnny Paycheck had a US country number 1 with Coe's 'Take This Job And Shove It', which inspired a film of the same title in 1981, and Coe's own successes included the witty 'Divers Do It Deeper' (1978), 'Jack Daniels If You Please' (1979), 'Now I Lay Me Down To Cheat' (1982), 'The Ride' (1983), which conjures up a meeting between Coe and Hank Williams, and 'Mona Lisa's Lost Her Smile' (1984), which reached number 2 on the US country charts, his highest position as a performer. Recordings with other performers include 'Don't Cry Darlin'' and 'This Bottle (In My Hand)' with George Jones, 'I've Already Cheated On You' with Willie Nelson, and 'Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands' with Bill Anderson. Coe's 1978 album Human Emotions was about his divorce - one side being 'Happy Side' and the other 'Su-I-side'. The controversial cover of Texas Moon shows the bare backsides of his band and crew, and he has also released two mail-order albums of explicit songs, Nothing Sacred and Underground. Coe appears incapable of separating the good from the ridiculous and his albums are erratic. At his best, he is a sensitive, intelligent writer. Similarly, his stage performances with his Tennessee Hat Band differ wildly in length and quality: sometimes it is non-stop music, sometimes it features conjuring tricks. Coe's main trick, however, is to remain successful, as country music fans grow exasperated with his over-the-top publicity. He may still be an outlaw but as Waylon Jennings remarks in 'Living Legends', that only means double-parking on Music Row.

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A Sense of Humor | Reviewer: HRC | 5/1/13

He's been the face of hope. For a poor guitar player from Georgia.
He's clearly done things his way. Not many can even utter the
I wore a hole through Rides Again. ..... Then bought a new copy.

I'am his second cousin, I was named after him when I was born! | Reviewer: David Allan Coe | 3/26/13

I have been trying and trying to meet or even just to talk to my second cousin. My father is David Allan Coe's first cousin, Thomas Coe. My father told me stories of him and David Allan Coe playing as children. In Boonesville North Carolina! My Grandfather is David Allan Coe's Uncle, "Orvile Coe" I would Love to meet him and talk to him about old time"s. I'am not asking nothing from him, I just want to meet my Family member before it's to late!! People who say's David Allan Coe is white trash, don't know shit!! Us Coe's has had an rough LIFE!!

Southern Proud Transplant | Reviewer: Carolina Redneck | 2/25/13

D>A>C is a southern transplant that we are glad to welcome. He is a great song writer and moody asshole. So what? Show me a superstar who isn't. He will live forever in in songs, so RPI David if you ever die.

me typing your songs they are the best so am I 3 september 1957 alliance ohio with your permission please thank you. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/12

you are the best iv ever heard yaall sing Gods thuth With your permission I wonder; If you let me type the lyrics to your songs so the men and women of U.S.A. can recall the most honest heart felt songs and I was born 3 september 1957 alliance ohio I play piano fiddle guitar an ..... if you are still healthy enough I sure need your expertice in writing a song about the time I was taking local 468 iron workers of americia an some man drillid me in the penis with a 1/2 in. steel drill bit

Theres a price for being an OUTLAW. | Reviewer: C. G. R. | 4/1/12

I have listened to D.A.C since the mid seventy's. His music is whitty and the way he uses his voice is outstanding. Willie, waylon, Merle,and many other country singers became more popular because D.A.C. screwed up his reputation by doing the "Nothing Sacred" and the "Undergroud albums". In my opinion if he had not done those albums, he would have surely been the greaatest singer to ever live. I personly don't like his as an individual but as an artist and writer he blows all the others away.I guess there was a price to pay to be an outlaw. WEST BY GOD MELBOURNE D.A.C. FAN FOREVER.

End of an era | Reviewer: bv | 9/18/11

I bet most of these clowns cutting down DAC are part of the same "mainstream" country that we are all turning against. Just listen to how they spew political correctness in every review like a bunch of left-wing liberal Jews.

Sorry excuse for a country singer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/11

This piece of crap is the biggest joke I have ever had the unfortune to witness. He used to come to G's Ice House here in Pasadena,Tx & 1 night I happen to catch him... I was appalled at his filthy mouth. These people on here calling him great must either have been drunk as hell, or be some of his in-bred relatives. He's as racist as they come and just an embarressment for country music. And as he is an ex-con, he probably stole what few songs that have done anything.If you look at his career, all he has done is "leech" off of other artists. Just check out the selections on albums "Underground" & "Nothing Sacred." If you could look up "white trash" in the dictionary, there would be a picture of Coe in his silly little black mask. Thank you OHIO for your contribution to the human race!!!!!!

Smelly old casino rat | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/11

This dude needs to just hang it up and check himself into somebody's assisted living facility. He spends days on end playing nickel slots in Tunica. He's rude to the employees and patrons and smells like an old wet mangy dog rolled in dookie. He is a white trash icon and I hope he rest in piss soon.

He the last living legend outlaw country | Reviewer: Mark | 10/6/10

Saw him tonight. Even at 71 the man is majestical, and hardcore.... That shit was old school the day it was written.. But It sounded even better while I watched him scan the room as if he was looking to fight the first sob in there. Dam great show. I never minded standing in the rain...

D.A.C. gonna buy lawn seats next time | Reviewer: Sleepy | 6/5/10

I can't remember seeing anyone less attractive than this guy since the last time i looked in the mirror.....if you want to be visually stimulated you gotta back up to the stage and scan the crowd.....if you want a musically induced orgasm just get a ticket and have a seat, DAC is a lyrical genius a poet and one hell of a story teller as well as a magician, i'm still trying to figgure out how he makes such amazing vocals come out from under that ugly assed old hat....wonder if he filters them thru all that hair or something. like houdini and copperfield DAC will likely never reveal how he does it....lets just hope he never gets tired of making his magic

worst show ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/09

Paid $50 for two tickets and he only played for one hour. All of his songs ran together and he left and everyone said encore and he didn't even come out. I got tickets for my husband for christmas. Needless to say, it was a waste of time and money. Worst show I ever saw and could have fallen asleep.

Michigan Show | Reviewer: Mallory | 11/9/08

We saw him at Hogs Palace after he was rescheduled. We live near by so it wasn't a big deal. (And we received e-mails about the rescheduling) I thought the opening band was great - they played a lot of waylon so I was happy. Coe was great.

At $4 a beer and $1 a pop, I'd say the Palace people weren't exactly ripping anyone off.

No show coe Michigan | Reviewer: Calvin Berry | 10/31/08

We were all set to see coe play at the pigs palace in jackson michigan. I have to say, we were really pissed when we got there to find it post poned. they had another band who sucked. they said we could come back nov. 5 to see coe. oh how generus of them. they just made more money selling drinks to the same crowd twice. they should pay for the gas driving from detroit four trips and give us free drinks.

No Show Coe...again | Reviewer: Rick Mckean | 10/16/08

Just last week I was to play in front of David Allen at a local bar here in Newnan, Georgia, Jeckl and Hyde's. J.B. Walker was scheduled as well. Coe nevered showed. This was on a Tuesday. He told management he would reschedule for Thursday of the same week...no show again. People paid hard earned money for the show. Most didn't ask for their money back on Tuesday, instead waiting for Thursday. I was disapointed needless to say, but not only for me, but for the hundreds of people there who probably owned every Coe album. These were hard working folks with little extra income and certainly no time to waste during the week. What do you do?

living legend | Reviewer: scott | 1/2/08

D.A.C., is a living legend able to perform in almost any venue and never to dissapoint, he's a hero to me, and if you get a chance to see this man in action better jump, these legends are disappearing fastly

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