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Rock n' roll is seldom a predictable affair. Just ask Chris
Daughtry. Better yet, examine the very public arc the
enigmatic musician carved against the grain of American
Idol, electrifying the show's faithful audience with a
gloves-off vocal style that revealed astonishing breadth
with every new song. Still, he found himself at the center
of the most surprising live rub-out in modern television
history. Premature elimination, they called it on the
internet, and even though a controversial lack of votes
ended Chris' quest for the top More...

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song seems really about... | Reviewer: older person
    ------ About the song Home performed by Daughtry

Art is the capacity to represent possibilities that people may project onto from their own creative impulse. My last post was a middle of the night blur comparing this to Eleanor Rigby--but that's not about this song--that's just my love of the Beatles!

This song,most likely, is about a touring Christian musician who is regreting some thoughts he may be tempted by ("Be careful what you wish for")(vivid dwelling or thoughts of adultery can actually be adultery if I remember my Bible). However, Chris realizes such "band on the road" temptations are wrong ("Hotel California" might be analogous in sentiment, but, for a nonbeliever who goes forth with such temptations of the road... hotel after hotel...sadly, straight to a living hell on earth!). The song also reminds me of "Leaving on a Jet Plane" John Denver, but Denver expresses no temptation, only the pain of missing his betrothed ("I'll bring your wedding ring, cuz I'm'a leaving..." what a beautiful lyric) BEFORE EVEN LEAVING HOME!

So this Homecoming seems like a maturely Christian song about a man passing up trists on the road, and reflecting on how glad he is to have chosen to sing God's praises ("I don't regret this life I/You (Christ) chose for me") but that the "being away" percieved temptations of road life (from his families perspective) are making him intensely edgy because of what he thinks his g/f/wife/family may think, e.g., "You don't love us, all you love is being away with those , you are running from responsibilities here with us!("I'm not running from, no I think you got me all wrong" perhaps he's worried what his wife may be interpreting--he wants to be with her, but he is called to sing God's praises), because of those temptations ("You just might get it all and then some you don't want!") So he LOVES the people he sings for, but must work to keep things IN PERSPECTIVE--as his wife or g/f or family is "at home." And that his wife's/g/f's/families' love in the greater framework of Christ's love(these concepts being delicately and beautifully nested in the song)"is enough for me (compared to obvious "band on the road" temptations)." This is wonderfully rich and complex song in possibilities. Just, right now, to me, sounds like he is struggling to inform his family that they are more than "enough" for him, yet he is called to share Christ with others and he hopes his family can understand (while at once he realizes the temptations of "love for free" on the road, and he recognizes he must "be careful what you wish for..."). "These miles are getting longer..." parallel aspects of the song perhaps indicate a double entendre between getting worn out in this life and wanting to go home to the Father, versus the more concrete context of actually going home to his beloved family. Genius lyric!

My Eleanor Rigby interpretation was something made up to fill a comment box---I myself find church always something where Jesus somehow reaches out to me either convicting my spirit of sins I must work--simultaneously seeking His grace--to rectify, or, uplifting and encouraging me in ways (even) I might glorify Him. Upon reflection--these are different aspects or ways of describing the same experience (communing with Christ through the Eucharistic feast, recollecting Him in memory and re-collecting by regrouping in Him, just as the disciples did in (most especially) *John, Chapter 14*--don't stop reading until verse 5, and I hope you'll read on to the end!! :) ).

Cookie cutter garbage | Reviewer: Tjaart
    ------ About the song What About Now performed by Daughtry

I am sure if you searched for "average emotional rock song" this would pop up first. The lyrics are basically a platitude surrounded with the most average off the shelf riffs and drum beats you can imagine. The artists don't make any attempt to surprise or delight the listener, opting rather to rely on the idea that everyone feels emotional sometimes.

It is blatantly clear to any musician or appreciator of music that this song is just a blatant attempt to exploit common feelings of sadness without so much as a grain of creativity or originality. I would rather listen to people have their limbs sawed off without anaesthetic than endure this song.

Any older people have an opinion? | Reviewer: older person
    ------ About the song Home performed by Daughtry

It seems the lyrics to this song may be cautioning Christians about (perhaps) wearing one's faith on their sleeve, "Be careful what you wish for... cuz you just might get it all, and then some you don't want..."

What might be the "faces that are getting old?" Maybe one attends church regularly, so regularly it becomes a routine, a routine where worship and the inspiration to glorify Him has long since died... Recall the words to the Beatle song "Eleanor Rigby."

Anyone approaching their mid-fifties or more have an opinion? Love to hear. God bless!

Awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Crashed performed by Daughtry

Although other people who commented on this already stated their
belief in what this song symbolizes,not to conflict them,but it you
look at the bionicles series wise,the song may represent the mask
of life's abilities,to restore life in its presence,and to take it.

perfect timing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Start Of Something Good performed by Daughtry

I am currently finding myself falling head over heels for this girl I've recently started talkin to during the last few weeks of my last relationship. my ex and i stopped talkin and me and this other girl started talkin then by some odd coincidence we both get out of a relationship the same night. a few days later we started messaging like crazy. everyday i find myself falling more and more for her. i pray everynight that i don't screw it up and that it works. I heard this song at just the right time.

an inspirational song | Reviewer: tannaz
    ------ About the song What About Now performed by Daughtry

WOW!!! whenever I listen to this song, my eyes are filled with tears, I love it so much and I had lots of memories with it, It kindles my mind to those sweet and also bitter times I had years ago.
Thank you Dauthry

beauty of music | Reviewer: cosma
    ------ About the song Home performed by Daughtry

I did listen to this song 1st on the top 40, i was like eeh,then got the video, but i really feel you CHRIS with songs like IT'S NOT OVER, OVER YOU...can even sing along,you really have beautful music with the real meaning of singing,i wish to have more & more of your music.GREAT JOB

Read the lyrics | Reviewer: Robert
    ------ About the song What I Want performed by Daughtry

Chris is a christian but has problems with not being closet about it what I want and what need has now become what you have been offering. As in Jesus. Given me a name I found myself inside all of the flames. As in sin. You save me you shaped me as in a Christian.

Home, crashed, broken, it's not over, home, life after you, no surprise, and many more are about Jesus. Many lyrics have double meanings. As in home, be careful what you wish for becareful what you wish cuz you might just get it all and them some you don't want. As wish for money and evil things may be attached. And if your a Christian all is not a bed of roses.

the attraction power of love | Reviewer: sophia
    ------ About the song Crashed performed by Daughtry

to me this song represents the power of love, the attraction of love, no matter how hard u try to runaway from something there will always be one's love to keep you safe, alive, and all the things u couldn't explain but u feel deep inside you. This love could be whatever u call *love* could be God's love or other kinds of love!

Dedication to u | Reviewer: Brandon
    ------ About the song Home performed by Daughtry

Youre my favorite musician Chris ! Cause u just always deliver a meaning that always touches your heart . Especially this song wen ur leaving for home , its a such a beautiful and amazing feeling .All Your songs are so beautiful and id really wish i cud meet 1 day before i die coz I just wanna be under your motivation and ur my biggest inspiration . Thanks alot chris . U rock!!!

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