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If you can imagine Portishead, with more accsessible
vocals, rich harmonies, classical style piano playing,
gorgeous string sections and the most amazing beats ever
programmed, then you have Daughter Darling. This project is
the culmination of 6 years of beat production, the most
talented piano, guitar and string players, a world class DJ
battle champion and a girl who knew she was going to be a
singer since 3 years old. Every song has been carefully
crafted into a masterpiece.

"USA-based Daughter Darling could well be the More...

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Submit Daughter Darling New Lyrics

Reviews about Daughter Darling songs

I've been looking for this song for a year | Reviewer: d-lee
    ------ About the song Broken bridge performed by Daughter Darling

I've only heard this song on the TV show Bones~ Pilot episode. The words catch at the heart and mind. The music is lovely. I would love to hear this song in it's entirety. It's soulful, poetic, earthy, plaintive and bluesy all at once. It's how I think of my lover, painful and lonely and tearing, but I wouldn't live without it.

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