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Das Ich Biography

Last updated: 09/24/2007 12:00:00 PM

Born in Munich he comes from a household that was very marked by music. Very early he learns how to play the piano and he creates his puts together his first really electronic band, "Fahrenheit 451", in 1986. Bruno Kramm is the musical side of Das Ich. He composes all the band's songs, programs the synthesizers and samplers and mixes the albums. He also creates the artwork on the CD covers. This studio-workaholic hasn't only produced his own songs. He worked with bands such as Placebo Effect, Relatives Menschsein, Printed At Bismarcks Death, Alva Novalis, Cyan kills E.Coli,Collide,Dorsetshire, Atrocity. He doesn't have much time to dedicate anymore to his own side-project Lava Novalis (formerly Farenheit 451); lack of time is the main reason why he stopped manging the "Danse Macabre" as a label per se, even though he still used it to auto-produce Morgue in 1999. He still performs all his work in his own studio and he describes is own work as "Industrial Symphonics". You can find interviews of Bruno Kramm here.

Stefan Ackermann Born in berlin, he and Bruno met in 1989 in Bayreuth. Very early he was practicing his talent as a dancer. His theatrical abilities undoubtedly render him impressive on the stage. Lyrical expressionism, his main inspiration, helps him transpose the extreme theatrical language of Das Ich and augment the stage performance with dances, mimics and gesture. Very introverted in private, his real temperament explodes on the stage. The expressionist influence is also emphasized through his striking stage outfits. Inumerable scenes with body make-up and farcical make-ups strengthen the demonic expression of his presence on stage. He writes all the lyrics for Das Ich and his texts are concerned with the human nature and the alienation of the individual. Stefan writes all the lyrics for Das Ich. His singing is a rattling outcry of a tormented individual. However, his main passion is theater acting and he recently contributed to an experimental production of Elektra (he played Horest).

Daniel Galda Daniel was born in 1974 in Dessau (East Germany). He started playing the keyboard on Das Ich during the "Die Propheten tour" in 1993. Originally the drummer for kAlte fArben, this multi-instrumentalist could convince Bruno and Stefan of his value. At first involved as an assistant in the Danse Macabre Studio, he quickly became the technical expert on the Die Propheten Tour in 1993. For three years he has been on Das Ich's tours as a keyboard player and is now a full member of the band. In the meantime he tries to find time to work on his solo-project, Skorbut (Scurvy).

Jakob Lang Jakob was born in 1980 and is the latest addition to Das Ich. After the demise of his band, Black Metal, he was hired on very short notice to do percussions for Das Ich during the USA Tour. After that crashtest he became a member of the band and contributed to the drums on the Egodram album.

Das Ich were also joined on stage by drummer/keyboardist Chad Blinman of Laboratory X, who appears on Feuer, which features live songs from their 1995 European tour in support of Staub.

It seems that Jakob Lang is not part of the Official Das Ich line-up anymore. They have a new drummer, called Dominik, on whom I have no information whatsoever.