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"I'm at a point in my life where I don't mind laying it on
the table. I have nothing to hide. When I'm writing, I may
come up on a line that just makes me cry, or sometimes
makes people uncomfortable -- but I have no choice, if it's
about the truth."

Darryl Worley comes by his candor honestly. Born and raised
in the heart of Hardin County, the catfish capitol of the
world and one of the places vigilante lawman Buford H
Pusser made his mark, the lanky baritone began witnessing
life young and living it hard early. Having fully More...

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Proud American | Reviewer: Brittney
    ------ About the song Have You Forgotten? performed by Darryl Worley

This is one of my favorite songs about the war. I have a lot of friends over seas right now, and some that have come back. All the people who say "war is not the answer..." well what the hell is the answer? Were we supposed to sit there and watch the towers fall, and not want to take action about it? No. Our Americans wanted to stand up for our country and fight for us. I agree with this whole verse:

"They took all the footage off my TV
Said it's too disturbing for you and me
It'll just breed anger,
that’s what the experts say
If it was up to me I'd show it everyday
Some say this country's just out lookin for a fight
But after 9/11 man I'd have to say that’s right"

Our Americans are out there fighting for our freedom, and our pursuit of happiness. So those who aren't happy for our troops, and just want them home and don't care that they are standing up for our country can suck it. Because honestly, I want my friends to come back home, but I fully support the fact that they are over there standing up for our United States.

and that 14 year old, sweetie you don't know what ur talking about wait a few years til you take college history and you will understand why troops fight to defend our country, when you watch what they go through, and their determination you will probably learn to support them a little better.

God bless the troops. I miss you boys.

Support the Troops.
They are defending our country.
They are defending our homeland
They are defending US.

An "and" is missing | Reviewer: Flavio Gallizia
    ------ About the song I Love Her, She Hates Me performed by Darryl Worley

In second verse an "and" is missing. This is the correct one:

Is the stock market gunna recover
Or will it wind up in the pain
He looked down at his glass of bourbon
I love her she hates me and i drink

I miss my friend | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Miss My Friend performed by Darryl Worley

This song reminds me of my wife whom I terribly miss with every breath I take. Misty was killed in a auto accident one year ago just 3 months before our 2nd. wedding anniversary. My best friend, my soul mate, my everything.

Thoughts | Reviewer: Bruce
    ------ About the song If Something Should Happen performed by Darryl Worley

I'm a 49 yr old guy, married 18 yrs, divorced 6 yrs. My ex couldn't have children...now I find myself alone at an age where I more than likely will never have children. When I listen to this song, it touches me deeply, I have a best friend who's asked the same of me....be there if the day comes he can't be...Thank God, he isn't facing some similar situation, but none the less an honor to be asked....Tonight while listening to this, I thought, gee, why wait for that honor, why not volunteer to be a "Big Brother"....Too late at night to do anything about it now....but tomorrow after work, I will begin to gather information for my area....see where I can help the most....I hope that reading this, and listening to the song helps to inspire someone else as much as it has me....

Correct Spelling of the Song's Title | Reviewer: Jason Ferchalk
    ------ About the song Have You Forgotton performed by Darryl Worley

The Title is Have You Forgotten, not Forgotton. Please get it right before entering it, ESPECIALLY when it has to do with 9/11 and all the people lost on that tragic day.

    ------ About the song I Miss My Friend performed by Darryl Worley


Nice | Reviewer: Angie
    ------ About the song If Something Should Happen performed by Darryl Worley

This song touch my heart and really made me think about my life

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