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There are a few basic facts that you probably ought to know
about Darren Hayes.

Darren was the singer in Australian pop duo Savage Garden.
He was the writer and singer of the kind of evergreen
worldwide smash hits that will be played as long as AC has
a spot on the radio’s dial. They were neither fashionable
nor critically feted, but Savage Garden was an enormously
popular operation. From the four albums that he has crafted
so far – two with Savage Garden, two solo – Darren Hayes
has sold more than 25 million records. He broke the More...

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Review about Darren Hayes songs
satiable with darren's insatiable ;p | Reviewer: Katherine
    ------ About the song Insatiable performed by Darren Hayes

It was way back year 2003 when I heard and watched his video of INSATIABLE. And until now It still knocks my knees off! Most of my office mates doesn't know about this song...I really don't know why I was so affected that they didn't know such good music of Darren. I feel so lucky because I belong to the few people who appreciated it. Thanks for this Darren...☺☺♥♥♥

Bloody Aussies | Reviewer: henry V
    ------ About the song Insatiable performed by Darren Hayes

I'm so jealous cos he's Australian and I'm a kiwi why do they always come up with the most amazing things."Love conquers all. All cultures, all nationalities,colour, sexualties etc."Barry White". I wonder how many children were born out of this amazing offering from Darrren???. With Love and my outmost Respect, hope there's a lot of love around you wherever you are. A cousin from across the ditch. H

Beautiful song | Reviewer: Bonny
    ------ About the song So Beautiful performed by Darren Hayes

Darrin Hayes you are just too good with your song writing..from the first time that I heard this song I have not stop playing it ..I have had it as my ring tone to as well. The words are so fitting to build your confidence make you feel wonderful for the day..I play it every morning thanks Darrin..

darren hayes is so beautiful | Reviewer: Aaron Andrew Quinn
    ------ About the song So Beautiful performed by Darren Hayes

iremember in 1997 when truly madly deeply came out i loved them them and still the beauty and power of that song is seen and felt in every part of the world he has those words that can transcend time and space and speak directly to your heart and soul expressing things in you that you never knew was there darren hayes is one of the most beautiful gifted songwriters that has ever lived savage garden were powerful but his solo career is when he became most creative and no im not gay just love the man and the words he sings so easily that many couldnt even say

Dublin Sky | Reviewer: shane
    ------ About the song Dublin Sky performed by Darren Hayes

Darren just sums it all up, I ask myself all the time.

"How did I end up lying here"

Its more than words, its a feeling of raw emotion.

We have been waiting all these years for Darren Hayes. God Bless you man!

Correcture ;) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Strange Magic performed by Darren Hayes

sooooo...the song "strange magic" is originaly from the band "Electric Light Orchestra" and released at 1976 from the album "A new wold record", the music and the lyrics was from Jeff Lynne...and THIS is the best version of this song ;D (sorry for my english, i'm from Germany)

Total Bliss | Reviewer: Anulesh
    ------ About the song Darkness performed by Darren Hayes

What do I say more about one of my favourites... He's an Archangel for me...

When You listen to this song... Just shove those earphones deeper in your ears and listen and get awakened and enlightened to that Voice that Speaks the Truth...

Better To Hold On To Love...

It Relaxes You... Amazing Guy with A Voice That Touches My Heart... I Love Him... I Wanna Be As Good As He Is... God Bless Darren & I Thank his parents for giving the world a Gem... The Voice I Cherish So Much... Loads Of Love....

nothing is more beautiful than love | Reviewer: Vanessa Tran
    ------ About the song So Beautiful performed by Darren Hayes

I heard this song the 1st time on Channel V, and then I looked for it right away. I don't remember how many times I've listened to this so-beautiful song, and every time I always feel blissful. I'm loving it!!!
@my honey:someday, I'll sing this song for u! u know what? "u r so beautiful"

What's that? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Casey performed by Darren Hayes

Note at the end of this song he sings: "Coming through the sky like a satellite, like a radio wave, like a meteorite." I think this refers back to the prior song "How to build a time machine" when he sings 'In a stunning ball of white the light explodes into another moment." Seems he is experiencing this moment and suddenly happens which is actually himself traveling in time.

Time Machines | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Tuning of Violins performed by Darren Hayes

Again this song refers back to time machines and it is a return to normalcy with a bit of peace. All of the turmoil of the past has lead to this wonderful life, this delicate thing that has been made.

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