Darren Hanlon Albums

  • Fingertips And Mountaintops Album (11/7/2006)
    Hold On
    The People Who Wave At Trains
    Happiness Is A Chemical
    Manilla NSW
    Romance Is Deafening
    The Ostracism Of Vinny Lalor
    Fire Engine
    Fingertips And Mountaintops
    Couch Surfing
    Don't Bogart My Heart
    Old Dream

  • Little Chills Album (9/1/2004)
    Wrong Turn
    A To Z
    Ends Of The City
    I Wish That I Was Beautiful For You
    The Unmade Bed
    Winter Takes Fall
    (There's Just Not Enough Songs About) Squash
    Service Station
    Brooklyn Bridge
    Record Store

  • Hiccups Album (11/1/2002)
    And The Days Were Just Packed
    Eli Wallach

  • Hello Stranger Album (3/21/2002)
    The Kickstand Song
    That's How I Know
    He Misses You Too You Know
    Security Leak
    Operator... Get Me Sweden
    Cast Of Thousands
    Punks Not Dead
    Don't Cheat The Future
    Last Night Of Not Knowing You

  • Early Days Album (11/29/2000)

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