Darkseed Lyrics

The early beginnings

The whole thing began when Stefan Hertrich and Harald
Winkler, two neighbour-childs since the late 70th, started
to think about making metal music. The first steps began in
late 1991 when Stefan got his first bass-guitar and Harald
his first drum kit.

They started writing (bad) songs and doing some cover
things like VENOM "In League with Satan", METALLICA
"Whiplash", "Fight Fire with Fire" etc.

Stefan and Harald just played together with different
persons, without any band-name. Later Stefan got the More...

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Reviews about Darkseed songs

Safety of the night | Reviewer: dmk28
    ------ About the song Ultimate Darkness performed by Darkseed

Ultimate darkness is an interesting song. Darkseed's take on night is Juxtaposed to our traditional view of the night as something to be fared. In this song, night is a refuge, where people are safe from the world and the corruption and pain it harbors. A place where broken potential is given a second chance at life.

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