Darkness Lyrics

JUSTIN HAWKINS – vocals, guitar, synthesizer

Birthday: 17 March

Favourite The Darkness Song: 'Friday Night'

Favourite The Darkness Gig: The Monarch, Camden Town (6
February 2002, first time wearing furry trousers!)

3 Desert Island Discs:

AC/DC – Powerage
Aerosmith – Pump
Queen – Jazz
Additional Information:

The Darkness' vocalist Justin Hawkins became an amphibian
midwife during an educational visit to the Norfolk Broads.
Whilst urinating behind some bushes, a spherical object
fell from a leaf and rested on the shaft of his More...

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Review about Darkness songs
great track | Reviewer: Alexander
    ------ About the song Friday Night performed by Darkness

This is one of my favourites from the debut :) I thought the second album wasnt as popular due to taking more chances in style, less 'rock', but I thought it was still good. Listening to the above track still in 2012! Theyre giving a free track to everyone on their official website too, think its from the new album

My opinion | Reviewer: Yo
    ------ About the song Growing On Me performed by Darkness

I think this song is about drugs. I think that because it says: "I can´t get you out of my hair" and i guess he is talking about drug tests in wich with just one hair it can be known if one person is taking drugs and for how long. Anyway, it´s just an idea and the rest of the song fits perfectly... so my opinion is that this song is about one guy singing to a drug.
Oh, and i forget... I love this song (actually i love all The Darkness songs) ^^

Hmm. | Reviewer: Jane
    ------ About the song Growing On Me performed by Darkness

I dunno...maybe they said it was about herpes, but it certainly seems to me that they wrote the song to not be definite in meaning. It could be construed as a song about the trials and tribulations of love, a silly song about herpes, or a song that purposely merges the two. Lots of songs are open to interpretation, and there are many other songs where it is the artist's intention to keep the meaning ambiguous. I think this song falls into that category.

Love vs. STDs | Reviewer: orangepanda
    ------ About the song Growing On Me performed by Darkness

The song means different things to different people, just because the band made it about STDs it doesn't mean people can't see it as a love story. The song is the song, the intention behind it shouldn't change it.
{Ex: Just because Blazing Saddles is a parody, it doesn't necessarily mean its not a western.}

Druggies everywhere rejoice | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Givin' Up performed by Darkness

Ugh... another drug use song. Just what we needed.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Darkness, but this kind of crap in lyrics is stupid.

Song has a great beat though, just wish it was about something other than heroin use.

The darkness rocks! | Reviewer: natalie bonti
    ------ About the song Holding My Own performed by Darkness

im so peeved they split Justin hawkins is friggenn awsum and so is dan and no way is hotleg his new band ..gunna be as awsum as the darkness evry song ive listened to by them has been like an ''gasm to my ears!! luv em heaps

the leg | Reviewer: calgar
    ------ About the song Love Is Only A Feeling performed by Darkness

one thing i find is that hot leg aren't like the darkness hot leg are (for a better word) gimmikey yet saying that so were the darknedd yet the leg lack the raw gritty rock that the darkness pioneered i personally would love to see he darkness back together but do some hot legish stuff aswell as dans guitar skills are somwhat supiror to the legs guitarist (this could be due to the lack of guitarish tracks so he has not been able to adequatly showcase his talents )

Hail the darkiness

usa | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Love Is Only A Feeling performed by Darkness

Justin did move on to form another band called "Hot Leg." they are just as good as The Darkness. The remaining members of The Darkness also moved on, forming a band called "Stone Gods." my personal opinion, Hot Leg is head and shoulders above Stone Gods. just my opinion though.

Great Song | Reviewer: Mady
    ------ About the song Love Is Only A Feeling performed by Darkness

This song is great....This is the only song i have heard from this band but loved it when i heard it for the first time... This band reminded me of Queens to be honest... I dont know the name of the vocalist but his range is excellent... Great song though... Cheers!!!!!!

Awesome! | Reviewer: Tina
    ------ About the song Hazel Eyes performed by Darkness

This song is freakin great! I agree, at first when you hear it, it's weird but then it really gets into you. I never heard this band before but now I'm definitely going to listen to more of their music. They have their own unique sound and I absolutely love it~ ROCK ON!

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