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Darkness Coats Us.
The smell of fall.
Changing season.
The graveyard is alive, black cat across my path,
the chill of cold wind, the breath of the dead.
Imprisoned souls.
Trapped for eternity.
Black crows break the silence.
The garden of the dead’s alive tonight and you can't stop it.
Just enjoy it.
Open up your mind and you will feel it too.
The sound, the touch, the thoughts, that you've been so blind to.
You can feel the thoughts of the dead.
Feeling the thoughts of the dead.
True or false, it's still there, teaching me.
True or false, still there, teaching me.
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You can feel it tonight.
The wood has rotted away.
Take the time absorb it.
Their time is slipping away.
Stone all carved by hand.
Statues that resemble their faces.
They still breathe.
Come join us.
Smell the burning embers, time flickering away.
Timeless but soon gone
Timeless but soon gone
I can find myself, alone with just my thoughts.
As time crumbles away.
I crumble away.

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seriously guys???! | Reviewer: me | 9/1/12

seriously guys???! nobody in this comment shit ever said how crazy the rev is in this song? f**k yourselves people! every time i hear the break/drum solo thing, my heart felt like bursting from its pure awesomeness.. the rev is so fucking amazing in all of his songs, but his playing skills and drumming composition in this song should be highlighted.. and to think that he was 18 when this song is composed, well, fuck everyone people :p the rev's one of the best drummer, if not the best!

Greatness.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/11

It's a great song, when I first heard this stuff by them I was a bit off put because it's so much different than their later stuff, but they did it so well. And to all the idiot people who don't really know about Avenged, M. Shadows didn't ruin his voice, he just didn't want to scream anymore, as so many people have said it already, but people don't listen...

Another fan 2 love A7X | Reviewer: cristian | 3/23/11

I Fucken LOVE this song....i like every single song they make even the 4am the solo is preety kool...i just cant stop listening to their music A7X for LIFE>=D...also M.Shadows screaming is intense..wen I hear that song it makes feel scream so A7X I wont stop listening 2 ur music and support u=)

great song, great album | Reviewer: ben | 12/9/10

Just wanted to say how amazing this song, this album and this band is. Probably their worst album, but it's still amazing. And Matt can still scream, on All Excess the guy explains that he can still scream, they just wanted to change their style. And anyway on God Hates Us and Natural Born Killer he does scream.

one of the first... | Reviewer: me of course! | 10/2/10

this song was probably not the most popular song by them but its a landmark as one of their early songs and to me his screamin sounds like he's clenching his teeth (like someone chewing furiously) and missing his tongue...im not sayin its bad but hey thats how i think it sounds and at least its not as whiney or squeely as other screamers out there

VENGEANCE! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/10

''Alex you fag'' Walk is better than the original and so is Flash of the blade by A7X, and coming form me being sicne i was 5 years old a true dedicated Maiden fan, still is, that's like the hardest thing to face at first. Now I probably must say that A7X is almost in the same range in some kind of f*cked up way! A7X is extreamly talented no doubt, and those who say that they aren't well go back to school and relearn ^_^
And also i think that Sounding the seventh trumpeth get's so much crap that it doesn't deserve, the record is by far one of the best i've ever come across in my life, eventhough City of evil, Avenged Sevenfold and Waking The fallen is even better. now i notice that my post is becoming so F*cking long that prolly no'one will finish raedin' it T.T
Love&Respect we love and miss you James Owen Sullivan '' The Reverend'' the #1 drummer of all time!

lol | Reviewer: Jeff | 3/23/10

Just wanted to point out to those who dont know...the reason there is no screaming like this in any new stuff....Surprisingly, screaming like this ruined his voice, he cant do it anymore. You are unlikely to hear anything from Sounding the Seventh Trumpet at any of their concerts. Rofl.

Beast. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/09

I fucking loooove this song. When I sing (scream) it I usually just scream what I think he says, now I can actually know what I'm screaming! But yeah this song and An Epic of Time Wasted are my two favorite screaming songs by A7X that I've heard.

Great song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/09

I'm a huge fan of A7X and I own every one of their albums. This song is a more of a mixture of screamo and heavy rock than metal, only because they use instruments instead of objects and nylon strings rather than cat hairs xD. The song is hard to play on E.Guitar at first but can be really fun once mastered.

Alex you fag | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/09

Umm, Alex (Rudy)?
Fuck you. Walk is fucking AMAZING. It's better than the Pantera version. It's rare you find a cover that's better than the origional. It's got an amazing edge to it.

Darkness Surrounding is Shadows at his best. 3rd best in my book (Beast and the Harlot, the most godly song to ever be made; Unholy Confessions [smexy harmony]; this).

what? | Reviewer: juls | 4/30/09

this is like the best a7x song ever, how could anyone think its terrible? haha, and seriously, if u cant understand the song even with the lyrics right in front of u, theres somethin wrong with u...this song is the best...not terrible =)

fkin sick song | Reviewer: DeathToTheWeak | 4/16/09

I haven't listened to this CD in years, i forgot how great this song was. The screaming is great, it adds so much character to the song. If people don't like the song, why bother coming here and posting a comment about how you dont like it? You prob shouldnt be wasting time listening to music that you don't like and bitching about it, instead find something that you do like and stick to it.

bashing the asshole | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/09

ok...well...if you really hate this screaming that much, how did you even suffer through the 3 minutes to get to the "smell the burning embers" part anyway? i propose that you actually like this crap and are either in denial or are a forum troll

Terrible? | Reviewer: Articulate | 2/22/09

How the crap is this song terrible? It's genius. Because you don't appreciate screams dosn't make this song bad. It shows you don't have an open mind to song. Everything about this song is great. Especially the drums. It let's the guitars and bass follow it beautifully.

Some people are fucktards! | Reviewer: Alex (Rudy) hates FUCKTARDS | 5/23/08

This is an awesome song. If you do not like it you are a fucktard. If you do not like Avenged Sevenfold you are a fucktard. If you have any problem with anything they have ever made you are a fucktard (except WALK, which sucks)! This is like one of their best songs.

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