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[Jon Fralick] [Mark Masri] [Curtis Henson] [Matt Tote]

Darkness Remains has a long and wide path before it's formation. Other bands and projects had taken place with many different bands and people. The band has been together for under a year, scince March 2001. The history is almost a decade long for the very young members of Darkness Remains.

It was while they were still in Jr. High when Mark(guitar) and Matt(drums) started experimenting with bands. Being in two different bands at the time and not even knowing each other, Mark and Matt played in bands with an early 90's grundge sound. Matt had a background with drums through the school band, and still is a member of the Jazz Ensemble at Princeton Sr. High School where he attends his senior year. Curtis(bass) started playing bass while still living in California. When he moved to West Virginia he started playing jazz bass with the stage band at school and with other various bands, but was soon digruntled and quit playing bass. Mark met John(guitar) when they began high school. Mark was already in a sludge/death metal band, Inhumane, when they needed another guitarist. John tried out and was imediately in. Matt had met John through long time best friend, Travis. Travis had class with John and often went to the band's practice. Inhumane had to fire their drummer, and were in search. They finally found a drummer and not long after fired their vocalist and bassist. Inhumane was no more, and now the three piece would be called Enscription. Enscription played more "heroic" epic metal. Around that same time Matt was drumming for another three piece, Raya, that had a tribal sound with a new age twist. Matt began to become good friends with Mark and John, and they often jammed together at his house. The two bands played shows together sometimes, and would even compete at "battle of the bands" shows. The bands were pretty stable for about 5 or 6 months. Finally neither band was practicing or playing shows, and in time fell apart. So Matt called Mark and John and told them he had a shed outside of his house and asked if they wanted to get together and jam. Mark and John met Matt at his house and played until 1:00 a.m.. It was that night Warsaw was wrote. They kept showing up for more and more practices, and it was official that the three would continue full time. In a month's time four songs were wrote...Warsaw, These Ghosts Forever, In Shadows, and Darkness Remains. The incomplete band was now in search for a bassist and vocalist. Travis had met Jeff(vocals) at a local show and heard that he does vocals and seemed to have a lot in common with the band. It was at another show when Mark, John, and Matt met Jeff and Curtis. Jeff and Curtis have been good friends for sometime then, and were attempting to start a hardcore metal band. Later that night after the show they all went to eat, then decided to play and have Jeff and Curtis try out. Jeff hooked up to a busted bass amp and let him go. He had the intensity and will that the band was looking for. Curtis wasn't currently playing bass, he had moved on to guitar, but filled in the gap and learned all the material in a few weeks to prepare for their first show. He was definately bass material with the commitment and talent he gave the band. Darkness Remains was created. Currently the band is on Tribunal Records and working on their debut album, "To Touch the Depths of Sorrow", that will come out early 2002. Darkness Remains would like to thank their many friends for all their help and support: Scott, Dylan, Bloodjinn, Travis, Mark O., Matty T. and Tribunal Records, Exline, everyone who comes out to the shows, and so much more. Keep on the look out for upcoming shows and stay METAL!

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