Darkest Hour Lyrics

In the beginning, it almost seemed like a terrible mistake,
but it was destiny that heavy metal and punk would
eventually crossover. In the early 90s, heavy metal was
bloated and uninspired while punk rock was becoming more
and more pretentious and disgruntled. Aggressive music
needed a rebirth; moreover the two styles needed a
renaissance. It was this marriage of thrash/speed metal’s
power and the savagery of hardcore punk that would
ultimately spawn a new age in heavy music.

Bands like Venom, Exodus, Discharge, Cro-Mags and More...

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Review about Darkest Hour songs
First | Reviewer: 22" Of Destruction
    ------ About the song Demon(s) performed by Darkest Hour

The song name and the lyrics together, give an impression of a story, where the lyrics act as a Persuasive speech of a real Evil Being trying to corrupt someone's heart. The end of the song leaves an open ending where is not clear if he succeeded or not. Seems crazy, but that's what i imagine everytime i hear this song.

meat loaf?? | Reviewer: itsme
    ------ About the song Love As A Weapon performed by Darkest Hour

The LOVE AS A WEAPON LYRICS are the property of the respective authors, artists and labels, the lyrics are provided for educational purposes only , If you like the song, please buy relative CD to support Meat Loaf

what has darkest hour to do with meat loaf???

unimportant | Reviewer: Aaron
    ------ About the song Tranquil performed by Darkest Hour

Everyone interprets art differently, that's all i have to say to that i guess... They get you going, what you do with the adrenaline they force feed you is your descision =) ...Darkest hour is definitally fucking amazing though, word? wurd (Y) I plan on getting the deliver us album cover as part of a sleeve :)

Nasty | Reviewer: Nate
    ------ About the song Tranquil performed by Darkest Hour

Your fucking retarded... I fucking cant stand idiots that dont understand bands like this... Its not about hatred, youre not listening... its about being the badest motherfucker in the room and letting everyone know it not because you can scream or mosh, but simply you feel as if no one can touch you.

Paradise | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Paradise performed by Darkest Hour

The greatest fucking lyrics ever written!

It so perfectly describes the boredom and hopelesness when you're stuck in your miserable life and you can't get out by any chance. He's trying to keep afloat although he feels so damn trapped with nothing left to do than just wasting life away. I also love the way the name of the song fleers at the content of the lyrics, a great paradox. John Henry's lyrics are remarkable and Darkest Hour is by far the best metalcore band ever.

After midnight’s glow and morning’s gloom has settled in its self-inflicted sense of self-loathing...

Darkest Hour OWNZ | Reviewer: Ryan Martin
    ------ About the song Tranquil performed by Darkest Hour

This band took me by storm in december of 2006 when a friend of mine introduced me to them. Hard music is the only way to go. I love how this band gets my addrenilin going and my heart pumping. I actually sometimes feel like fucking punching someone in the face while im listening to this thats how pumped up i get. LOL LOVE DARKEST HOUR>> KEEP KICKIN SOME ASS GUYS!!

LOW!!! | Reviewer: jamie
    ------ About the song Low performed by Darkest Hour

i agree with sam. this album was one of THE sickest ones. i cant wait for their new album to come out. darkest hour is one of the greatest metal bands out thurr, man.

no title | Reviewer: bryan
    ------ About the song Messiah Complex performed by Darkest Hour

in "We belong where the fires can see this from our eyes", it's actually "We belong where fires can see this through our eyes"

ace | Reviewer: spink
    ------ About the song With A Thousand Words To Say But One performed by Darkest Hour

I went and got the undoing ruin album and this i s a kick ass starting to the album :)

lowwww | Reviewer: sam yeomans
    ------ About the song Low performed by Darkest Hour

fucking amazing, the new darkest hour album is the sickest metal album ever and low is def. one of the better songs on it. However, nothing beats with a thousand words to say but one.

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