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Paul Colman Dark Lyrics

Last updated: 01/31/2007 11:00:00 AM

Dark is the colour of condemnation
The colour of Jesus' skin
The moment of indiscretion
Dark is the mood it puts you in

Dark is the colour of my thoughts within
When I say they're white
The colour of my lies
Dark describes my heart


Dark is the colour of unforgiven
The breath behind a sin
The moment of your corruption
as darkness pulls you in

Dark is the absence of love and friendship
The place to hide your eyes
The place to hide in ambush
In the darkness scream surprise


No Dark No Light
Do you know the dark? Do you know the light?

Dark is the colour of all religion
That has no root in love
Dark is the colour of criticism
Dark the blood it cuts from the heart

The feeling of unforgiven
The moment of criticism
The colour of man's religion

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