Dark Tranquillity Lyrics

Promotional text spring 2002

"Damage Done" is the much-anticipated sixth full length
album from Gothenburg’s own Dark tranquillity, a band that
has become an institution within the realms of extreme
Metal, seeing that they deserve full credit for originally
kicking off the stylistic wave of melodic Death Metal which
has become established and frenetically followed all
throughout the world in the meantime.

During their 13 years of existence, Dark tranquillity have
always tried to constantly expand their musical borders and
stray away More...

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Review about Dark Tranquillity songs
stupid dt | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Lost To Apathy performed by Dark Tranquillity

I think the writer has absolutly no understanding about persons with this mental disorder. Also a huge lack of empathy and i feel ashamed for dt. This is a absolutly pointless song that just whines about people who have serious problems. Maybe some people think it will motivate but it doesnt. its just an arrogant piece of nonsense.

Thoughst | Reviewer: Jesterhead13
    ------ About the song Lost To Apathy performed by Dark Tranquillity

I agree. This song is more there to kick your ass, rather than drag you down.
"Cannot fail if you never start" means: dont give up and always try, cause if you never try, you cant succeed (or even Fail). "So overcome with pointless tears" means that you suffer to often from things, that aren't present, rather lay in the future or come from the past. (Tears, that are only flow "to test pain reactors")

best ever | Reviewer: zoja
    ------ About the song Monochromatic Stains performed by Dark Tranquillity

this is not one of the best songs but the best heavy metal song ive ever heard. all other bands crumble in contrast to dark tranquility. enjoy it for the rest of your human days. Rock on. with bands like this hard not to rock on.

My negation Will you know my name | Reviewer: Koodlaty
    ------ About the song My Negation performed by Dark Tranquillity

The author wants express the fact, that the "negation" is the thing that may have influence on our fate, simply by forbidding us the things we could normally do without our conscience. This title describes the issue, that the way of life we are about to choose does not always depend on us, but on our instinct or someone in our mind who always say what to do but sometimes isn't even us. (sometimes we don't know him) and we can't control him.

to the coment in the bottom | Reviewer: mentaly
    ------ About the song Lost To Apathy performed by Dark Tranquillity

actualy im a bit of the same, i have no emotion, no love, no anything, it's just plain nothing.
i absolutly hate it´. the only way for me to feel is to forget so i try to never be in deep thought, always be with friends, never be alone or play games to forget. im also very aggressive, but i don't know why.

Missing part | Reviewer: ddgirl@mynet.com
    ------ About the song ...Of Melancholy Burning performed by Dark Tranquillity

It is a very good lyric, bur I think that when the lady starts to sing, the part after "...shall be" and before "The grandeur of...", she says "Mine is ...". So, it is
"Flee from the safety of the sheltering sky
See all but logic, so vengeance shall be
Mine is the grandeur of melancholy burning... oh burning". Am I wrong? It might be incorrect, but I strongly belive that she says before "...the grandeur..." part.
Thank you,

Hrm. | Reviewer: Hrm.
    ------ About the song Lost To Apathy performed by Dark Tranquillity

The above.. this song is not suppose to be depressing.. its to motivate your ass and get your ass to do something. There's a sarcasm in his voice you can just tell. If you had apathy, you wouldn't want those wants.

this is my life | Reviewer: paige
    ------ About the song Lost To Apathy performed by Dark Tranquillity

this song describes me perfectly. i cant descrie the way i am, but theres nothing i wish for more in my life than to just be able to feel. its like i have no heart and no emotion i try to feel but life just goes by without me noticing how it affects me. i cant be in relationships becuz i cant care. i just exist with no heart and no way to kow how i feel. i want to love, i want to feel loved, but i am completely consumed in my apathy that i am as good as dead. and soon, i will be

holy hell | Reviewer: fightin4piece
    ------ About the song Monochromatic Stains performed by Dark Tranquillity

this has to be one of the greatest songs about humanity ever to be written, it was the song that got me hooked. if u liked this song, i suggest u try out 'one thought' and 'white noise black silence' by them, thy're pretty good too.

A True Masterpiece!! | Reviewer: Sanjay
    ------ About the song Monochromatic Stains performed by Dark Tranquillity

This is a brilliant song! perhaps, the best of Dark Tranquillity till now.. The lyrics depicts an aspect that all of the human race is bent upon - the raw blood that flows through their body.. no matter what comes in the way, what height we reach, as the "body" or "lash", "leader" or "fake" it all depends on what will give in to bring out this raw human blood out of you.. it moves into more personal aspect at the end.. the theme is vague n too deep into the feelings of the lyricist.. it sets upon that "lost somewhere" tone in the mind... the music is jus amazing!! enjoy! rock on, peace out, Stay heavy!!

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