Dark Throne (Darkthrone) Lyrics

1987 black death changes name to darkthrone. fall and
winter are established as the darkthrone-seasons. Line-up:
fenriz, drums, vocals. Zephyrous, guitar. Dag nilsen, bass.
Anders risberget, guitar. Inspirationsources range from
cryptic slaughter - celtic frost - deep purple - nihilist,
and thrash metal in general.

1988 first shitty demo released. Anders quits. Ex-guitarist
of black death calls me and asks if we need another
guitarist. He knows nocturno culto and I soon arrange a
meeting with n.c. after seeing a darkthrone gig, More...

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Correction | Reviewer: Calostomy
    ------ About the song Hans Siste Vinter performed by Dark Throne (Darkthrone)

The lyrics are Norwegian. I'm having a hard time finding the lyrics at the moment but I have seen the translation. Hans Siste vinter translates to his last winter and it refers to Christianity being brought to Norway and pretty much the end of the indigenous odinism and worship of the Nordic gods

Gotta read this | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Unholy Black Metal performed by Dark Throne (Darkthrone)

Sad sad sad but Jesus loves you.the kind of love he has nobody can give you and his love for you brings forgivness and peace. Don't let Satan lie to you and decieve you and drag you to hell with him join the one that died for you in paradise!!!!!! God bless you

why can't i find the lyrics anywhere! | Reviewer: dave
    ------ About the song Hans Siste Vinter performed by Dark Throne (Darkthrone)

i have had panerfaust for years, and i have finally decided to find the lyrics to hans sistw vinter. from what i can tell it is german. i mean panzerfaust is german for rocket launcher. it sounds pretty intense this song and it makes me think that the lyrics would be extremely offensive aswell. so please please, if anyone has the lyrics for this song send them to me. i would appreciate it greatly

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