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Annie Lennox Dark Road Lyrics

Last updated: 06/30/2010 11:00:00 AM

It's a dark road
And a dark way that leads to my house
And the word says
You're never gonna find me there oh no
I've got an open door
It didn't get there by itself
It didn't get there by itself

There's a feelin
But you're not feelin' it at all
There's a meaning
But you're not listening any more
I look at that open road
I'm gonna walk there by myself

And if you catch me
I might try to run away
You know I can't be here too long
And if you let me
I might try to make you stay
Seems you never realise a good thing
Till it's gone..
Maybe im still searchin
But I dont know what it means
All the fires of destruction are still
Burnin' in my dreams
There's no water that can wash away
This longin' to come clean
Hey yea yea....

I cant find the joy within my soul
It's just sadness takin hold
I wanna come in from the cold
And make myself renewed again
It takes strength to live this way
The same old madness every day
I wanna kick these blues away
I wanna learn to live again...

It's a dark road
And a dark way that leads to my house
And the word says
You're never gonna find me there oh no
I've got an open door
It didn't get there by itself
It didn't get there by itself

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surely a song about an affair? | Reviewer: Shirley | 6/30/10

I listen to this song and to me it totally represents someone having an affair with a married man. Listen to the words, she wants to make him stay but knows she cant...., she wants him to know what he has with her.. she knows she is living through madness (which is after all what an affair usually is), she wants to live openly again, no hiding, no secrets, having a free soul... Ive been there and its exactly how you feel, trust me!

Best song in a long time | Reviewer: B. Alexander | 5/8/08

Not only does Annie Lennox dig deep for this song, it represents a whole new collaborative effort with her working with Glen Ballad (think Alanis Morrissette's Jagged Little Pill and Michael Jackson's Gospel tunes, Man in the Mirror and Keep the Faith). Both are geniuses and this is made clear with the opening song to Songs of Mass Destruction, Annie's newest CD. The song demonstrates Annie's soul searching, yet ability to control her emotions vocally. Her explanation for the song us that is came from her drives to and from Glen's studio in L.A., watching people on the Sunset Strip and seeing it as the true 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams,' in that most people were waitresses looking for fame. She say the homeless and the desperation that lies in that quest and the humanity and connectivity of all humans as one. Annie is never clear in her lyrics. It is like some sort of Goddess is flowing through her when she sings. It takes each listener to hear his or her own story through her song scape. I highly recommend this song, Dark Road, as a starting point for the journey through Annie's solo catalog. However, once you have heard Songs of Mass Destruction, be sure to go back to the beginning, with Diva, perhaps Annie's most commercially successful album. Then there is Medusa, where she remakes some of her favorite songs. It was not necessarily a critical success, but it is exciting to hear how she reinterprets songs from the past. Then be sure to experience, Bare, the disc where she is most involved in the entire production, even the artwork. It is somewhat sad, and interesting to see how Annie sees herself in her self photography. Yet, Annie Lennox is truly one of the modern geniuses that we are blessed to have. She will forever remain one of the true artists, who could sing and make one cry, dance, forget their problems and both remember and question their place in the world, all in one album. This is not the end for Annie, but just a spot in the road where once again, she shines brightly.