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Long before cutting their teeth in such renowned acts as
Sevendust, Creed, Tommy Lee, Stuck Mojo, Stereomud, Skrape,
Doubledrive and Virgos Merlot, the members of Dark New Day
grew up together. "We literally sat on the edge of our beds
and learned how to play guitar together," says Clint
Lowery, who along with brother Corey Lowery, grew up little
more than a mile from Troy McLawhorn in rural North
Carolina. "We literally did," laughs McLawhorn, "It was
like, 'Check out this riff! I learned how to squeal, man!'"
It wasn't long before More...

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WOW | Reviewer: Chris
    ------ About the song Heal In Time performed by Dark New Day

It's a shame so little of people have heard this song. It's so amazing. The last minute of the song is so good I almost lose myself in the music...like it's a dream and I block out th real world for a minute. Than I open my eyes and it's dark again.

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