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Dark Moor Biography

Last updated: 03/14/2003 10:20:42 PM

Dark Moor was formed in 1994 in Madrid (Spain).Dark Moor recorded their debut album ``Shadowland´´ in the summer of 1999.This Cd was released in Germany & Brazil, getting also a big success in the Japanese market. Dark Moor did some appreciated live preformances supporting Demons & Wizards in their Spanish Tour , it was a good chance to be discovered by a big crowd of Spanish Metal fans.

Dark Moor began the recording sessions of their second album ``The Hall Of The Olden Dreams´´ in August 2000 at New Sin Studios with the producer Luigi Stefanini (Labÿrinth, Domine, White Skull... ). During these recording sessions Dark Moor recorded the cover ``Halloween´´ which was included in the Cd ``The Keepers Of Jericho´´ - A Tribute To Helloween - (Arise Records ).It was an important step in the Dark Moor´s career, this cover was acclaimed even by Kai Hansen, the composer of the track, who said that it was the best cover in this tribute.

With this album the band got a big worlwide recognition, getting great reviews in all metal media.``The Hall Of The Olden Dreams ´´ was licensed in Japan, Brazil, Korea, Russia, South America,Thailand, Romania & Taiwan, Being the first Spanish band that got such acclaimed repercussion in the International market. Dark Moor played some headlining live performances and taking part in Spanish Festivals such as Viña Rock (40.000 people) & Mijas Rock. Dark Moor was voted as best newcomer band of the year 2000 by the readers of Heavy Rock magazine.

The E.P ``The Fall Of Melnibone´´ was released in June 2001.It contained the tracks ``The Fall Of Melnibone´´ (only available in the Japanese version of ``The Hall Of The Olden Dreams´´), ``Wood Song´´ (only available in the Korean version), ``Silver Lake´´, ``Halloween´´ and ``Cuentos De Ayer y De Hoy´´ taken from the Ñu´s tribute album.This E.P was a Ltd. Edition (1.500 copies) only released for the Spanish market.

Dark Moor began the recording of their third album ``The Gates Of Oblivion ´´ in the autumn of 2001 at New Sin Studios, the bigger & ambitious production till date.They had the collaboration of the Italian choir Valcavasia and Dan Keying, singer of Cydonia.The mastering was made at Finnvox (Stratovarius, Children Of Bodom, Edguy) and Andreas Marschall (Blind Guardian, Hammerfall, Running Wild ) painted the cover artwork as he made in ``The Hall Of The Olden Dreams ´´.``The Gates Of Oblivion´´ shows us a more mature band with an increasing quality in every new album. Dark Moor signed with the major label J.V.C for the Asian market, ``The Gates Of Oblivion´´ was the first Dark Moor´s album licensed for U.S.A & Canada, furthermore in all the countries where ``The Hall Of The Olden Dreams´´ was licensed.